midweSTYLE: Stripes, chambray, cobalt.

I was never one to gravitate toward hoodies growing up, mainly because they were never long, trim or interesting enough. 

I liked the idea of having a track jacket but never could commit to it because my ideas of track jackets were attached to the ones everyone wore in high school with logos plastered on them. I've been down that road before and had vowed to not retrace my steps. 

Photography by John Stoffer
However, A.P.C., the notorious cult label of simple Parisian basics, caught my eye this past winter. 
Part track jacket, part hoodie: all cool and minimal. Perfect for that finishing touch year-round, really.

E-props to David Lynch for paving the way for this nearly Victorian-era hairstyle. Thanks, bro.

Tortoise shell frames from Warby Parker, my new jam.

The idea of the uniform has been on our minds (Seth's work from home, mine from late winter, early spring), and you can easily turn this into a summer version with stripes, chambray and bright colors.
  • If you have to wear pants (boo), hate your legs for whatever reason, are that guy who doesn't wear shorts in the summer time (seriously, bro?), need a great knock-around summer chino or JUST NEED A PAIR OF CHAMBRAY PANTS, I highly recommend the "Jorn" trouser by Club Monaco.
  • If you need a pair of sneaks that 1) pack a little punch, 2) are actually comfortable, and  3) don't want to spend over $100 that you're gonna stink up this summer, Tretorn Nylites might be up your alley as well.
  • If you desire a little change up from your pocket tee, aren't sure what to wear instead of a polo shirt but want to look pulled together, or think you already have enough striped tees (never true), reach for some stripes.

On Jeff: Hooded zip-up jacket by A.P.C.; striped tee by Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen (here's a similar one); straight-leg chambray "Jorn" trouser by Club Monaco; red Nylite sneakers by Tretorn; gimlet tortoise "Preston" eyeglasses by Warby Parker.

You're the boss, applesauce.


  1. love the red shoes with stripes. how come ladies get stuck with JEGGINGS and you lucky dudes get things like chambray trousers?! jealous.

  2. Love the shirt! I have the similar one marine inspired and I can assure it makes the look! :)


  3. 1. The track jacket/hoodie is a true success.
    2. I SERIOUSLY dig the David Lynch hair. Favorite hairstyle for a guy.
    3. Warby Parker.

  4. Im diggin the jacket. I just did a post on sailor striped tees. And those kicks are the bee's knees...


  5. Wow! I really like this outfit! The jacket is perfect!

    'Me visto solo' [Man] - mevistosolo.blogspot.com

  6. I've been wearing the hell out of some stripes lately...
    Not going to lie Target had some great stripe v-necks and t-shirts... I have no shame.

  7. liking the glasses! You have an amazing sense of style!


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