We're a few young men born and raised in the Midwest.
We don't have time shares, yachts or summer homes.
We lived on family farms, went to state fairs and took special trips to "the city."
We played in fields down the street, and the general store was just a bike ride away.
We grew up buying a size bigger than we needed because "you're gonna grow into it."
We don't drive Benzes, Hummers or G-Wagens.
We have blue collar roots and an appreciation for good, hard work.
We know the value of a dollar, and most of the time, we bust our asses for that dollar.
We're learning how to look sharp on a budget and when it's worth it to shell out a little extra cash.

We've got roots in mid-America and an affinity for menswear. We spend our time researching, shopping, conversing and actively crafting a lifestyle....in the Midwest. Sure, we get that the hype usually comes  from larger cities like New York and Los Angeles. We're not saying we know it all or know a thing, but there doesn't seem to be much of a voice from the Midwest at the table. Allow us to to pull up a chair.

Social + Creatives: Jeff is a twenty-something startup cat who recently relocated to Brooklyn, New York. He enjoys running marathons in nearly nothing, reading young-adult fiction and sleeping with seven pillows.

Labels: A.P.C., Carven, Opening Ceremony, Band of Outsiders.
Aesthetic: Kids clothes in adults size;
 Parisian cool.Booze: Dogfish Head 90-Minute I.P.A.
Snack: A handful of chocolate trail mix.
Slow Tuesday: NYTimes crossword puzzle.
3-Day Weekend: Not camping.

Twitter: @jeffkies
Instagram: @jeffkies

Email: jeff@midwestyle.com

Editor-in-Chief + Dictator: Seth is a twenty-something magazine journalist who tells stories for a living in Chicago. He enjoys beating you in FIFA, secretly Googling trivia he pretends to know and trying to cover up the fact that he was, for a time, homeschooled.

Labels: Levi’s, J.Crew, Gant, Hanes.

Aesthetic: scrappy Conservative, farm-meets-city.
Booze: Old Overholt Rye Whiskey
Snack: A fistful of dried pasta.Slow Tuesday:
3-Day Weekend: To the cabin!

Twitter: @sethjputnam

Instagram: @sethjputnam

Email: seth@themidwestyle.com

Writer + Bearded: Cam is a early twenty-something liberal farts bum studying History at the University of Missouri. He enjoys finding all the good shit before you do at the local thrift, outsniping your eBay bids and making his beard look better than your dad’s.

Labels: Gitman Bros Vintage, LVC, Todd Snyder, Baldwin Denim, Nigel Cabourn, vintage Ralph Lauren.
Aesthetic: dirty Italian hitchhiker.
Booze: Boulevard Pale Ale.
Slow Tuesday: A porch with a swing.
3-Day Weekend: To the woods, we go!

Twitter: @camhauskc

Instagram: @camhauskc
Email: cam@themidwestyle.com

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