midweSTYLE: Campus

7:57 A.M.

It's midterm season. You hit the quad, half walking, half running, panicking because your bike got a pinch flat back on University Avenue and you had to lock it up and ditch it by Mumford Hall, but your class is over off 6th St.

You had five minutes then. Now you're down to three.

You didn't sleep last night; you didn't have that luxury. Eating, that wasn't exactly on the agenda either. You're breathing though, running over a general timeline of early medieval history again in your head. Professor said exact dates weren't necessary, so you subconsciously purged those. Diocletian. Constantine. The Council of Nicaea. You know this is all living in your short-term memory, trying to bleed back out.

You need to get this down on paper. Now.

You bust through the auditorium doors. Heads turn, people stare. Whatever. You're past embarrassment. You sit, loudly. That TA, the one who always wears the sweat-stained Cardinals hat and a smug, condescending frown, he hands you the exam. Your eyes close. Open. You check the essay questions first. You always check the essay questions first. Pressure releases, you've got those on lock. Multiple choice takes care of itself. You write, and write, and write, shaking slightly from the triple espresso you put down a few hours ago. But it's not long before it's all over. You turn in the exam, with an unexpected confidence in your performance. You leave content. You're walking back across the quad, tired, but more than elated that that midterm is over. Maybe just more excited that you have an opportunity to relax.

And it's then that you stop and look around. You take it in. The leaves. The colors. You'd been ignoring them for the past few days—too busy. But your studying is over now. You hear the soft rustle of leaves being trampled underfoot. You inhale the crisp air. It feels good. And your once overwhelmed and over distracted mind can ignore it no longer.

Fall is here.


Fall, for me, is primarily about two things: layers and fabrics. Flannels, wools, thick-knits. Jackets over sweaters over shirts, with scarves on top. Hats too, sometimes. Put on boots, any boots. And don't forget tweed. Fall is your time to experiment. It's your chance to find who you are, sartorially. Throw on some sportcoats. Or don't, it's your call. But really, above all, have fun. Clothes can be fun. They should be fun.


Wear a watch. You should know what time it is without fishing your iPhone out of your pocket. Plus, watch straps are the new way to display your personality (sarcasm). But in all seriousness, start collecting. Or just buy this.


Fall is also a great time to break in a fresh pair of raw denim. Or, if your selvedge collection is already three or so deep, get on that duck canvas jam. You'll be glad you did.


On Cameron: thrifted herringbone blazer by Hill and Archer, thrifted heather grey sweater by Ireland Group; Kurabo denim in the 77 fit by Baldwin Denim; thrifted blue oxford by Gant, beeswax desert boots by Clarks; military watch by Timex.

Photography by Mallory Wiegers.


  1. Love that natural leather watch strap - where is it from? Or where can I pick up the nato strap hardware to make my own?

  2. The natural strap is a sample from Corter Leather - he's working on getting those available in 20/22/24 mm, I believe. Corter's product is always great, so I'm definitely grabbing one when they drop. Rigging up your own sounds awesome too. I'd just eBay a cheap nylon Nato and strip its hardware. Let us know if you make one, we'd love to see it!

  3. Great post but man your opening paragraph cuts too close to home.

  4. This last photo reminds me of one of my favorite pic blogs. Do you guys read thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com? Aesthetically up your alley, maybe?

  5. Sixth Street? The EE auditorium perhaps? Back in my day (ugh) the History Dept. decamped in the A&S building (although I do recall taking History 3 and 4 in Geology Aud. Nonetheless, I agree with Joy on the hitting close to home thing. I minored in history at Mizzou(fell 6 hours short of a double major but decided I'd rather move on to law school than hang around another semester).

    Fall in CoMo is specatcular (in addition to my 4 years at Mizzou, I also happened to grow up just down 63 in Jeff City) and downtown used to be resplendent with great men's stores. I think Bingham's is the only holdover from the old days. Puckett's (where they'd be all to happy to offer you a glass of Scotch while you browsed), Mr. Guy and Woody's were all within a couple of blocks of each other. Harry Smith's was out west at Parkade Plaza (back when there were actually stores there).

    Ah, memories.

  6. Great colors and fit on this one. I take a lot of my style cues from nature, and this outfit is a grey fall day to a T.

    Was Cameron standing in his skivvies while arranging and taking that last photo? :)

  7. mistermidwester... fantastic name.

    yale, the drive from Jeff City to Columbia was one of my favourite college memories (Not related to the football/basketball team).

  8. Love it! Really great last photo, but I can't help but imagine Cameron standing over the clothes, snapping a photo in his underwear. or perhaps he was raptured...

  9. In love with you guys! You look so amazing!

  10. Cam, have you found any places that sell cool straps for the weekender besides Corter? I'm loving mine watch, got it a couple months ago.

  11. That little narrative was absolute 100% descriptive of the fall season. Who can ever forget running laps around the quad to take your early morning exam? Good times... that are happening now for me.. Love the look, I would die for that blazer (in a women's size)!

  12. Love seeing the guys getting out there and making style accessible. I might just forward this blog to my BF who (I sadly have to admit) isn't too concerned about what he wears.

    p.s. I do imagine poor Cameron left shivering in his briefs when that last picture was taken.

  13. I adore that Heather pullover, and your all around style here.



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