Friday Wrap-Up: Oct. 7

Is it Friday already? Guess that means we'll be living it up here this weekend. Hope you see you there.

In the meantime, in between reading poignant profiles of Steve Jobs, here are just a few style-related stories you should check out:
  • "No one really thought about why glasses were so expensive." The founders of Warby Parker explain how they subverted the eyewear industry and brought us spectacles that don't break the bank. (via Racked via Time)
  • Rugby brings the Tweed Run to New York City. Get thee to the streets. (via Marion Brewer)
  • And the funniest thing you'll read today: Chelsea Fagan for Thought Catalog on what the hell is going on with street-style photography. (via Marion Brewer)
That's all. What? You're still here? Go. Go on.

1 comment:

  1. The Fagan article is really funny. I have thought about commenting on some of those things (not on this blog, of course. You guys are wonderful).

    Things I would add to it:

    -Why does nobody ever look at the camera? Are we supposed to believe that you were so focused on candidly twirling that umbrella while simultaneously doing the hula hoop that you neglected to notice the person taking pictures of you? You really don't see the camera that is so obviously right in front of you? And you can't break a smile for it? Not just a little one? Oh, of course not, because you have no idea you are being photographed.


    -How do so many fashion photographers have jobs when they clearly struggle with getting an entire person in one frame. (To steal a line from Fagan) If I had a dollar for every fashion picture I saw that didn't have somebody's head cut out of it, I would have, like, three dollars max.


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