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Every now and again, I'll do a round of thrifting in my home neighborhood in Kansas City. If I've recently gotten a paycheck, I get a little chance-y and pick up pieces that I know I'll probably never wear. Some of them are ill-fitting, others are just ridiculous, and more than not, they end up in my closet unworn. If you thrift with any regularity, you've been there. You know that feeling. You don't need it, and you don't really even want it that badly, but you grab it just in case. After all, it only costs ¢50 or a few bucks. If worse comes to worst, it would make for a good Halloween costume at some point in the future. 

Anyway, that was the story behind this blazer, initially. I didn't have a go-to blue blazer at the time, so I bought it, even though it didn't really fit. The shoulders framed me well enough and the chest wasn't bad, but it had a huge waist measurement. The gentleman that owned it before definitely had a belly. Seriously, Santa Claus status. Regardless, I bought it for a staggering $4.50. A navy blue, American-made, hopsack blazer for under $5? Sure.

After a few lonely months in the closet, I finally took it to get tailored. Tailoring thrifted clothing sounds and feels a little unnatural. Taking something that you bought dirt cheap and investing another $25 to $75 seems wrong at first. But, if the piece is of high enough quality, the investment is well worth the fit and wearability that comes with tailored clothing. I've gotten a jacket or two fitted, some legs of old trousers tapered, waists taken in. It can turn a forgotten thrift store purchase into one of your wardrobe favorites. In this case, the arms ride up a bit, making them appear a little shorter, but hey, it's perfect everywhere else.

Clarks, beat to death.

On Cameron: hopsack blazer, thrifted ($4.50), tailored for $45; patchwork button-down (eBay) by Gitman Vintage; cream sweatshirt (sale, $80 at the Baldwin Men's Shop) by Todd Snyder; the Henley in California wash, (sale at the Baldwin Men's Shop $116, reg. $232), by Baldwin Denim; beeswax desert boots (gift) by Clarks; WWII-era Russian watch (Etsy, $30) by Vostok; leather wrap (gift) by Tanner Goods; recycled cotton socks (Christmas gift purchased from Hickoree's), by Solmate Socks.

Photography by the one and only Grant Heinlein, check him out!


  1. Very nice. What's the name of the shop where you picked up the blazer? Any others in KC you'd recommend?


  2. awesome awesome watch. also, great location for the photos, love that minted rust in the background

  3. Speaking of Santa Claus belly...

  4. So, where in chicago is a good tailor to make diamond in the rough into gems like that jacket. Looking to get pants tapered.

  5. Looks fantastic! The hidden magic in tailoring does wonders! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  6. I'm not gonna lie, in the decade I've lived in KC I can count on my hand how many men with impeccable style (and thrifting skills) I've seen. This city needs more of you (or, at least I need to know where to find them, haha). :P

    The blazer, the shoes, the watch. Brilliant. Love this whole look.

  7. Awesome post, per usual! I'm getting married in the West Bottoms at The Hobbs building in October. We are doing a very industrial style wedding. If you guys want some good shots... yeah... anyways... I love your site... it's been a daily check on my list!


  8. I would love to be able to thrift, but since my size is not even common in regular stores, chances to find one while thrifting are really low.

  9. Sorry but that jacket is way too short. Kind of looks like you went thrifting in your mother's closet.

  10. @Kyle


    Can definitely see your point...in fact someone called out Jeff for his Harris Tweed being too short. However, I'm not sure I see it as a hard-and-fast rule. For short guys like me, a blazer that hits higher than my fingertips is beneficial because it at least gives me the (illusion) of looking taller. Obviously Cam and Jeff don't have this problem, so it's sort of up to their personal style.

  11. @Kyle

    I suppose that that may be true, if I were a strict traditionalist. Unfortunately, I'm not, so I disagree. Although, my mother does have dashing style. The compliment is well appreciated.

  12. Not to troll--to enlighten--but the suit coat doesn't fit you; it doesn't go over your ass, the sleeves are too short and the button point too high. If that is a medium, go for a large. The cut and material look quite nice, though (for cotton--I presume). If it fit you, it'd be a nice, casual jacket.

  13. Did not mean to come off as a dick. I am definitely one for Thome Browne proportions being that I am a short guy. However, I think the beauty of tailored clothing lies in the proportions. I'm fine with a short jacket that doesn't cover your ass, but I think it should at least get half way there. I believe Christopher Bastin does the look great: http://rosecallahan.blogspot.com/2010/04/christopher-bastin-of-gant-rugger.html

    When it sits too high it elongates your legs and shortens your torso making you look a little uneven. Just my opinion though. Anyway, I enjoy your site keep doing what you do.

    1. Meant to respond earlier...sorry to revive this thread after so many days. Just wanted to say we appreciate your comments, Kyle. You didn't come off as a dick. We actually welcome the debate, and we want to make sure this is a place where people feel free to describe how they'd make different choices. So: thanks.

  14. I wouldn't wear the jacket as it fits. But that doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't style themselves in a way they prefer. I'm a little burnt out on barking traditionalism in the comment section of blogs. It's a style blog about three young dudes, not just a regurgitation of traditional menswear rules (they didn't say you had to wear jackets like this). I wouldn't read it if I didn't see anything new or different, and I doubt anyone else would either. Plenty of resources out there for rules. And besides, the point of the post remains the same regardless of whether you like this particular outcome. He took a thrifted piece to a tailor and ended up with an end product he enjoys more than before.

  15. My boyfriend needs to invest in some new shoes, like yesterday! That being said, I've got a handle on casual boots, but if I see him pull his old Puma or Adidas (and not "old" in a good way) out of the closet one more time, I might freak out. Suggestions for some classic, athletic styled shoes?


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