Street Style: Tuesday in Wicker Park

A quick little street style update courtesy of Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style

There isn't anything particularly exciting about my outfit, especially for my general thrust for anything obnoxious or questionable. However, take a closer look at the jacket.

A recent find at Barney's, the Harris Tweed A.P.C. (although Context carries this) blazer has quickly became my favorite fall/winter wardrobe piece. The different colors woven in this badboy are beautiful. It's easy to pair with denim for a casual look. Or I pair it with another color trouser or button down that is woven throughout the jacket, like the rich burnt orange/brown, purple and blue. A definite investment piece, sure. Worth it though.

On Jeff: Grey Harris Tweed blazer by A.P.C.; grey crewneck sweatshirt by Jack Spade, thrifted purple madras shirt by GANT; blue cotton scraggly scarf by rag & bone; thrifted two-tone knapsack; beloved dark wash 11.5 oz slim "Henley" with stretch no wash for 2 years by Baldwin Denim; chocolate suede boots by Red Wing; black framed glasses by Gant Rugger.

Thanks again, Amy. You're a sweet and talented friend who's also got some wacky style. 

Also, Can we pause and talk about this bookshelf print top? I want that in a button down.


  1. I love you style.. You guys are an inspiration because you thrift and I love menswear!! Please drop by my thrifty blog when you have time too. It's nice to meet another thrifter out there!


  2. Being a fan of most of what APC does, I really want to like the blazer, but honestly, it falls flat. Ignoring the incredibly high button stance, the jacket is way too short even in this casual context. You're in the region of 6' tall, yes? A jacket this short completely ruins your proportions. I'm not even a staunch traditionalist (they would burn you at the stake) and I can see this.


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