ESSENTIALS: The denim jacket

You loved your denim jacket in elementary school.
Perhaps even in that grungy '90s phase you went through (because you had an older brother who lived in the basement constantly blasting Nirvana and claiming to be misunderstood for wearing a ball-chain necklace and JNCOs.) 

Ok, maybe your older brother wasn't the sartorially suave guy you thought he was in hindsight.

Regardless, he wore a denim jacket. As did all of your other favorite (read: terribly awesome) '90s stars as well as the badasses from years ago. It's a classic and worth your wardrobe investment.

Rekindle with your beloved hand-me-down again—or throw down the dough for a classic that lasts. Denim jackets are making the rounds again these days on street style blogs and fall runway presentations. Of course, this is nothing new for you denim jacket veterans who've had a tried-and-true jacket to show for it (looking at you, Brad).

BUT: If you're new to the world of denim jackets, opt for a blue then go for a black or grey next. Don't start with a nearly-cropped bleached denim jacket like I did.

Top: "The Indigo" jacket by Gant Rugger ($248 at Park & Bond); slim-fit washed denim jacket by Nudie Jeans ($286 at Mr. Porter); raw denim jacket by Jean Shop, ($280 at Mr. Porter)
Bottom: slim fit "Commuter" trucker jacket by Levi's, $128 (Levi's); slim fit "2 Year Anniversary Wash" by Spurr, $275 (Scoop); bleacher light slim fit trucker jacket by Levi's, $78 (Levi's)

You'll notice that some of our picks (except that Levi's swag) are a little pricey. If you've got the cash and think this is something you want to splurge on, go for it. But if you're looking for a way to recreate a similar look on the cheap, here are some other resources for denim jackets:
  • Urban Outfitters has a nice, budget-friendly denim jacket.
  • Search on eBay, Etsy or through your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  • Raid your friend's closet or your dad's packed-up boxes in the attic.

On Jeff: slim-fit "2-year vintage wash" jacket by Spurr; chambray club-collar shirt by Lands' End Canvas; "Davis" pineapple chinos by Club Monaco; desert boots by Clarks; "Preston" frames in Gimlet Tortoise by Warby Parker.

Photography by John Stoffer. Drinks at Longman are on us, sir.


  1. denim on guys is my fave. so cute.


  2. Denim jacket, chinos, and leather desert boots. That is my go to uniform for 60 weather.


  3. denim on denim done right! great photos.

  4. Well put together. Just the perfect amount of print and color in contrast to the layering of denim!

    Brandon J. of Seamed Right

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  6. I love my denim jacket
    you can easily change a look with one
    like if you would have put on a blazer it would be a different look
    but I like the grunge feel this has


  7. I got mine off of eBay and then took it to my tailor. I asked him to slim the arms and he refused because he thought the stitching was too think but I was able to talk him into it. I told him to make a third cut on the arm. When I went to pick it up, he had done me one better and worked through the stitching! He called it an European denim jacket. He charged me 30 bucks. So I spent 58 dollars all together for an awesome vintage denim jacket. Worth it.

  8. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  9. seriously? there is more to fashion than being dandy...

  10. What do you think of black denim jackets, like this one - http://store.americanapparel.net/rsand401s.html?c=Black

  11. Good Lord...I haven't heard anyone mention JNCOs in a long, long time. I totally had a pair of Bug Girls, the female counterpart to the JNCO pant. These are great shots. I especially like how you've paired the denim jacket with chambray (essentially, more denim) and pastel pants. Color me impressed :)


  12. Denim jackets are classic. Such a simple way to look put together, but kinda rock 'n roll as well.

  13. I really dig that watch, could you give me some information on where to score one like it?


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