Backpacks, y'all

Here's an all-points bulletin. You don't have to be among the freshly admitted undergrad masses roaming college campuses with North Face backpacks. (Can I get a witness on them Jansport 'packs, too?) It may also be time to retire the ratty patches and band pins from your more angst-filled youth.

We sent help. If a tote or a messenger bag isn't your jam and you like to be hands free, throw one of these backpacks over your shoulders for your daily commute. 

But before you scroll, can we talk about one-shoulder backpacks? 
They just don't make sense. It's like wearing a jacket with one sleeve.
I already have a minor case of scoliosis; do I really need to further that curvature? Hell no.

I digress.

Here are our picks for this spring. They're across a variety of price points, and they're organized in no particular hierarchy. I should add the disclaimer that some of these should be filed under "pure fantasy" (cc: the Billykirk rucksack at the smooth total of $440)—at least until we all get jobs managing hedge funds.

Top row:
  • Convertible backpack ($240) by Beams Plus x Kelty, available at Mr. Porter
  • "Kanken" 15-inch laptop bag ($110) by Fjall Raven, available at Need Svpply
  • "Little America" 20-oz backpack ($140) by Herschel Supply Co., available at Need Svpply
  • Rucksack ($440) by Opening Ceremony x Billykirk, available at Opening Ceremony
Bottom row:
  • "Pathfinder Wanderer" ($175) by Duluth Pack , available at Duluth Pack
  • Digital camo backpack ($60) by Herschel Supply Co., available at Urban Outfitters
  • "Scoutmaster" laptop pack ($175) by Duluth Pack, available at Duluth Pack
  • Canvas rucksack ($260) by Filson, available at Park & Bond
I've toyed with each of these and haven't made my decision on what I'm gonna sling over my shoulders once warmer weather makes afternoon sessions at the beach regular occurrences. I'm sporting this rucksack right now and it's on its last leg.

So, interwebz: What kind of bag do you carry?


  1. Personally, I think Jansport Heritage has some cool options (especially Hoss, Ski and Hike - ok, mostly I like the old school logo).

  2. Whoa, those are pretty rad. Looks like they've branched out.

  3. http://makr.com/#product=farm-ruck-sack-natural

    so far it's perfect for what i need in a daily pack.

  4. I love this bag so much. Used it every chance I've got during travel/everyday (laptop, cameras, etc). It's a tad pricey but honestly will last me forever.

    Archival Waxed Cotton Rucksack.

    Picked it up in Brooklyn here - http://www.stuartandwright.com/Archival_Waxed_Cotton_Rucksack_4885.html

  5. I'm a big fan of Duluth Pack. They make a high quality bags that look great. If you're willing to spend a little more, it's worth it.

  6. Poler's Rucksack. I have the burnt orange one... Pretty perfect size and the side's can be unstrapped to slim it down.


  7. You know I got to support my local Orlando guys in Makr.


  8. Awww, I love my turquoise jansport bag. I tied braided embroidery thread around all the zippers to spruce it up

  9. I snagged this John Varvatos canvas and leather rucksack on sale in the fall and use it almost daily.


  10. Yes! Finally rustic style backpacks post! I have been searching for a pack like that for a while.
    Im enjoying your blog and know I follow it!

  11. I vote for Kånken, it's the best rucksack you can get! It's stylish and it swallows a lot of stuff. I've had mine for 22 years now:)


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