WANT: Instead of Student Loans, Dec. '12

We've all got our lists and oh-so-perfectly-curated Tumblr pages and Pinboards dedicated to things we like, lust and pine for with every little click. Well, this post is just showing that I put a little more effort forth in copying, dragging and pasting them into sexier packaging using a bootleg copy of Photoshop. You're welcome, Internet.

Here's what I'd drop my wad of student loan money on instead of paying back Every True Son. Yeah, they're pricy. BUT SO ARE STUDENT LOANS.

Clockwise: mustard cotton sweater by NN.07; berry-colored motorcycle jacket with detachable sleeves by 3.1 Phillip Lim; rucksack by Archival; cotton blend T-shirt by Alexander Wang; suede and leather trainers by Maison Martin Margiela; fragrance by Odin; slim black denim by Acne; braided lash hook by Giles & Brother.


WEIGH IN: Let's dance, sweatpants.

UPDATE: To be honest, we're glad for the dissenting views. The point of this post was to spur a little discussion, and that discussion doesn't have to be pro-outfit. Fire away!

There are two options:

A) Let's try sweatpants. In public.


B) I'm just being a douche bag for wearing designer sweatpants and thinking it's okay to do so in public. Look: Sometimes I have to leave the house. But sometimes while I'm doing that, I just wanna feel like it's the (Weeknd) and I'm on my couch eating Trader Joe's cookie butter off a spoon and watching Revenge. Hands in the air, don't care. You know?

Weigh in, please.

On Jeff: "Crosby" oxford shirt by Saturdays Surf NYC; long-sleeved striped tee by Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen; slub cotton slim sweatpants by Alexander Wang; "Roshe" sneakers by Nike; field tote by Filson; leopard print five-panel cap by Publish + Reed Space; gimlet tortoise "Preston" eyeglasses by Warby Parker.

Photography by a street style photographer from TWELV Magazine.
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