midweSTYLE: Renegade

Remember when you that uncool guy in your high school was, well, uncool until he turned 16 and bought an Acura and pimped it out with lights and shit and then became "cool"?

Well, that's not how I felt nor was I ever that guy. But I do want to just pimp out this jacket with hoods and zip-in vests. Ok, I've already said pimp twice in this paragraph. Let's pretend like I didn't and just watch another episode of "Pimp My Ride."

Breaking in the Baldwins.

Also, the best part about the hood is the copper wire that is embedded around the edge of the hood, so you can pry that puppy around your sweet little face and it won't fly back when the wind/haters are in your face.

Christmas came early with J.Crew's Black Friday sale.
As well as this past weekend's Renegade Craft Fair over in Wicker Park.
Loads of goodies to be found and bought.

Above: This summer, it was leather on the wrists. For now, it's metal.

On Jeff: "Bedale" waxed jacket with snap-on hood by Barbour; obnoxious button-down by Gant Rugger; glasses by Gant Rugger; the slim-straight "Henley" selvedge by Baldwin Denim; "8878" moc boot by Red Wing. Accessories: Canvas tote by Filson; Timex "Weekender" with bright yellow nylon strap; brass Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff; sterling silver arrow cuff; deadstock latch bracelet with holes.


  1. What size is the Bedale? I've been thinking about getting a 36, but I'm afraid it's gonna swamp me and I'll be unable to alter it.

  2. How the f-word did you get a Barbour jacket? I want one but we have to eat.

  3. I bought mine off ebay for cheap. There are a ton of vintage ones from the UK.

  4. Love what's happening with the hair. Also, that bright button-up under the Barbour jacket looks perfect.

  5. did you stay true to size on your Bedale? it looks nice!


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