Thrifty Thursday: Stolen motorcycle jacket

So, I bought a leather jacket a couple of weeks ago on my day off up in Andersonville...

Alarmingly broken-in and well-loved, this motorcycle jacket ended up in my hands right once I walked in. I mean, if this jacket could talk, I can imagine raucous stories of women holding on to it for dear life as the owner careened around the curves of mountain roads somewhere.

Alongside my brown leather "Member's Only" jacket and a padded grey leather one, black completes the series. So I strolled up to my favorite nook in Andersonville...

Rad Vintage is the place to go, people. It's stocked full of reasonably priced and well-curated options. You'll spend a handful of minutes sifting through their selection from the bossman, RJ. He's got a great eye and know's what he's doing. Check them out on the interwebz or head up their to the store one of these days.


While doing some vintage shopping on the Sabbath in Wicker Park, I bumped into the lovely Ms. Trés Awesome. She kindly asked to take my photograph for her street style website and I was flattered. She kindly sent over some extra photos to make this post happen. Tada. You're the boss, Emma.

Unfortunately, the jacket has already been snatched by Katie. I'll get it back tomorrow, hopefully...if she doesn't pass it off to Shani.

Black leather motorcycle jacket from Rad Vintage ($60); Fair Isle reindeer sweater courtesy of Topman; blue chambray button down by Gant Rugger; slim white denim from spring 2011 by A.P.C.; classic white sneakers courtesy of Vans; purple laces from the 'Crewcuts' section of J.Crew; black frame eyeglasses by Gant Rugger; slouchy dirty grey beanie from my floor; vintage 1950s monogram shopper by Louis Vuitton from eDrop-Off.

Photos courtesy of Trés Awesome.


  1. The look is somewhat OK, but the Louis bag is corny as fuck. And those used black and brown leathers together looks horrible

  2. awesome jacket man! Lucky you for finding one, I had to resort to a not-leather one from zara, as my go-to biker jacket. Yours is jsut rockin' dude, I kinda feel bad about my recent purchase now. lol

  3. @Kārlis/Carl:

    I'm all for disagreement, but surely you can come up with a more creative way to say it than that.

  4. Lookin good Mr! xoxoxo

    Très Awesome

  5. PLEASE LOSE THE BAG! Reminds me of the Kanye impersonator in my audio recording class at the art institute. (theres a reason she left it out of the post on tresawesome....)

  6. That jacket looks like it feels like butter! Love.

  7. The motorcycle jacket with the white jeans really works - even (especially) in winter.

  8. Love the look- The LV bag is the Sac Plat from the "French Co." during a time when LV became popular in the US in the 70's- the bag probably isn't any older than 1976 though.


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