We're so glad you stopped by the Midwestyle. We hope you've felt welcomed, had a laugh and maybe even said, "Huh, maybe I'll try that." We work hard to produce content that is linkable, likable and relatable. We originally started this as a way to document our two cents on growing up in the Midwest and having that mentality + approach to style. We've been surprised by the growth and support. So, thank you. If you're interested in dropping a line, we'd love to hear from you:
  • For general comments & feedback, please contact any of us (Jeff, Seth, Cam)
  • For editorial & advertising opportunities, please contact Seth. (
  • For social media, sponsorships & branding, please contact Jeff. (
In regards to events, meetings and invitations:
  • Seth resides in Chicago, IL.
  • Cam resides in Kansas City, MO and Columbia,MO during the school year.
  • Jeff resides in Brooklyn, NY.
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