But first: iPhone cases that don't suck

So, everyone has an iPhone, right?
Well, you need to protect it, so you might as well dress it with style.

I'm a guy who likes to have unnecessary multiples of practical things. You know, like multiple iPhone cases. One is just fine, but it's fun to have another! This obsession or desire could also be the same condition that most women face regarding handbags, eye makeup, high heels and anything else that women buy...

(See also, my collection of totes of varying handle lengths, multi-colored watch straps, various shoe lace colors, different colors of Field Notes, the list goes on...) #hoarders.

Why own one, when you can own two? GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL. Here are our picks for the best cases of the season.

First batch: Wallet + iPhone case.
Pros: Everything all together, convenient, less to carry. You can watch it age and brag about how much it's changed since you bought it. Cool, cool.
Cons: You get mugged or you lose it, you're done-zo.

Second batch: Obviously, the fun ones.
Pros: Hello, everyone needs a Marauder's Map.
Cons: Nothing. You win—you just win.


  1. Hey, stop stealing our tagline!

  2. I have to add those to my Xmas wish list.... specially the tweed one... Cheers!


  3. What fucked up clock are you organising that iPhone case link list by?

  4. I must get the Landmarks & Lions iPhone case!


    www.ChicOverload.com (my blog!)

  5. I have the black version of the cassette tape case on my phone right now. It's so awesome looking and always seems to confuse everyone.

  6. ... Jeff, sugar pie, I think we may need to have a conversation about the differences between 'clockwise' and 'from left to right.'


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