midweSTYLE: Camo, cuffed.

Spring is, well, nearly here. 
Time to ditch your socks, throw a cuff in your pants and get ready for the flood.
And those ankles? They'll always look pasty white unless you let 'em breathe.

The super helpful folks over at Levi's were kind enough to track down these pants for me. I called my local Wicker Park store, and they handed over the style number so I could call a random West Coast store to see if they had these camo-lined trousers in my size. Low and behold, they did and shipped 'em my way. 

Spring also calls for some light layering. I snagged this lightweight Barbour Liddesdale jacket while I was in London on vacation. A little haggling and £40 later, I was glad to take this jacket off the vintage seller's hands in Brick Lane.

On Jeff: Blue Liddesdale jacket by Barbour; purple pullover by J.Crew; blue button-down shirt by Gant Rugger; camo-lined cuffed trousers (sold out) by Levi's; Italian penny loafers thrifted in Andersonville, Chicago; blue "KC" hat by Baldwin Denim.

Photography by Carolina Rodriguez


  1. those are awesome. I kind of want to DIY a pair of my own, and a pair for my bf, of course!


  2. Those pants are simply brilliant. I wonder if my seamstress wife could DIY me some of those... Excellent post, gentlemen!


  3. I do like the pants, but the no socks look just does not work for me with fair skin.

  4. this outfit is so sick! I would wear the shit out of it! Well done!

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  6. Very curious about the size of the Liddesdale jacket. They typically run a bit large and can be boxy. What size are you and what size is the jacket...because it looks great!

    Anyone else have expriences with the Liddesdale sizing they would care to share??

  7. So I'll answer my own question as I just found some valuable information. I was under the impression the Liddesdale was only available in the LIFESTYLE collection (slim fit). Turns our it is also available in the HERITAGE collection (slimmer fit). Wow. Why can't anything in my life be more straightforward?

    Anyone else have any thoughts or experiences regarding my Liddesdale sizing woes.

  8. Alright, I'll stop being crazy, but I discovered more about the sizing. The 'lighweight' Liddesdale jacket only comes as part of the LIFESTYLE collection, it is however a more slim version of the 'regular' Liddesdale jacket. In addtion, it is also shorter, so if you plan on wearing it over a Blazer, it might be a bit short.

    I verified this with the folks at Barbour. They also mentioned if you are indeed looking for the jacket to be more form fitting, they recommend sizing down.

    Hoping this information helps some people and some good sartorial Karma floats my way in the form of an ebay or Thrift Store find.



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