Friday Wrap-Up: October 21

A splendid week is ahead of us up in Chicago. It'll be a weekend of pumpkin-patching, porched-in-beer-drinking and shenanigans around the city.
  • Also: Seth and I got invited to gab about #menswear and #blogging by the rad people of Laundry Magazine at the Grow Here Workshop. We'd love to see you there!

Here's a batch of things that I've been enjoying lately.

If you're in the Midwest, drink that beer.
If you've got Hulu or DVR, watch that show.
If you're in Barnes & Noble, buy that magazine.
If you get dragged into Anthropologie by your girlfriend, buy that candle. (I go willingly, whatevs.)

Links Abound:
What's happening in the style commune:
eBay Snapshot


  1. Got to admit I'm pretty stoked about Mylo Xyloto myself. Just ensure you give your lady and boss fair warning that you might be AWOL for the next week or so due to repeated musical orgasms.


  2. Bob's 47. YES! Just watched first season of The Walking Dead. Amazing. Your blog. Ridiculous!

  3. I've got nothing against a fine crew neck sweater, but 150.00 for a 80-20 cotton without any form of credentials or character? Horse shit!


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