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Some have their "uniform." You know, the usual. The chinos and button down. The suit and tie. The green apron and black polo. The scrubs. The chef pants and clean white tee. You get the picture. Work or play, some of us just have a "usual."

Photography by the beautiful Carolina Rodriguez

These well-loved selvedge jeans and navy gingham are going to be my fall uniform. It's what you'll see me trotting around Wicker Park in on a Sunday afternoon after brunch. It's what you'll see me wearing as I run/stumble to catch a cab in Lincoln Park. It's what you'll see me throw on when I roll outta bed with 30 minutes 'til I need to be at work. It's that, it's my go-to, the usual, the uniform.

THE VARSITY JACKET: It's one of my favorite thrifted finds of all time. It's so hard to find a naked varsity jacket. Makes you wonder who had it before and why they wimped out to never letter. Speaking of wimps, guess who lettered in varsity athletics in high school? This guy did. Swimming and track and field. Psh, you think I would actually play football? What other sport would a tall skinny white boy excel in who avoided any sort of physical contact? Except the occasional hurdle.

THE "KC" HAT: The navy blue with white felt lettering "KC" hat was the perfect gift one of my coworkers from Kansas City could give me upon departing for the big Windy City. I'm still amazed by the compliments I get and the acquaintances I've met while walking around the city with this cap on. Fitted and in a traditional cut. I love this hat. You can meet Daniel, Matt and David by picking it up at the Baldwin Denim Men's Store in KC or order one online if you don't have the time to visit.

THE "SEVEN" NAVY GINGHAM SHIRT: A button-down with sleeves long enough for my lanky arms? You've got my attention, folks. I'm looking forward to carrying this winter-weight gingham into fall considering most of my ginghams are summer-weight. You can't beat a good navy check shirt; it's practically a neutral. The fit is comfortable as well, not too snug and not too relaxed, even for a toothpick like me. You can snatch one up at Wharf in blue or a variety of colors.

Also, Happy Anniversary to my Baldwin "Henley's." One year with no wash and one crotch repair. This is a menswear right of passage into adultswaghood, folks.

What's your fall uniform? Chambray, chinos, desert boots, tweed jacket, etc. Let us know.

On Jeff: "The Henley" 11.5 oz raw selvedge denim by Baldwin Denim ($200); The "Seven" navy gingham button-down ($148) courtesy of WHARF; the "KC" hat by Baldwin Denim ($42); "Spectator LX" in Moon Beam courtesy of Vans x The Brothers Marshall ($85); thrifted wool blue and white varsity jacket with leather insets by Butwin from Wild Man Vintage ($12); brass railroad spike cuff by Giles & Brother ($55).

Photography by the talented Carolina Rodriguez.


  1. For starters, I've been following you guys for a while, and I love what you do.

    I'm a huge fan of the Baldwin cap, as I have one with red on navy: http://freshlysquozenstyle.tumblr.com/post/11284748855/baldwin-warby-parker-handyman

    My autumn calls for mocha cords, baseball tee, and chukkas, for sure.

    Keep it up, fellas, your site is awesome!

  2. The varsity jacket is perfect. I love how those are coming back in style.

  3. I love this. While varsity jackets were all over the runways during NYFW, I much prefer the classic, back-to-school styling you've done here. Thanks for posting the details, my husband is going to look great in this shirt!


  4. Carolina's photos are gorgeous - so much more interesting than the standard fashion blog shots you see. Love the shots of the clothes thrown up in the trees. SHOOT MORE FOR THESE BOYS, GIRL.

    Also - jeans not washed for a whole year? That's mad real, I'm into it.

  5. Varsity Jackets are cool, but they have to fit perfectly otherwise you can take the risk to look like a hanger.

    I´ve always thought that kind of jackets is for big guys, but not anymore! they can make a slim guy look nice in that particular "eighties update" look.

    Im not into uniform, but I can say that my favorite outfit for fall weather is jeans, brown leather jacket, one color t-shirt and of course a scarf that match (this season with big squares!)... keep it simple.


  6. did you do the crotch repair yourself or have a tailor do it? that is always wear my jeans get a hole first, so i'm very curious to know how to repair it! thanks!


  7. loving ya'lls blog - original and impressive, I stumbled into it through Fossil's feature keep up the good work!

  8. I've been going back through almost all of the posts and this is one of my favorites. I'm really digging the varsity jacket (and the entire ensemble).


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