GIVEAWAY: "Another Half Eaten Sandwich"

You're doing well, right? Great. Things are getting about to get a little better.
We love you and we want you to have rad things.
More importantly, we want you to be able to give rad things.
You know, to your friends, family, lovers and lovers that your friends, family and lovers don't know about yet.

We partnered up with our friend Christine Cover to do just that.

A bit about herChristine is a friend of ours from way back in undergrad who doodles and draws the quirky things that pop up in her brain. We spent many nights on her porch, bugging her and her roommates for home cooked meals. We picked up the booze; they cooked the meals. Most nights began with the preface of "I swear, we'll do homework! I have a test tomorrow." Yet, homework usually took the backseat. Long talks and banter took precedence as we presided over the the shenanigans on Wilson Street. Glory days, guys. #COLLEGE.

She's a talented singer and songwriter, lovable friend, crafty artist and painter and the list goes on. When's she's not doodling, she's traveling and singing. (See also: gypsy.) Currently, Christine is making cards under the moniker "Another Half-Eaten Sandwich" and pursuing an MFA in Art Education at the University of Missouri in her hometown.

Clockwise: "Ties of the Week," "Penny Loafers," "Fancy shirt," "Moped," "Bow Tie" and "Flask Me Anything!" postcards.
No explanation necessary. However, be warned that Dawson's Creek is rabbit hole that is endless and inevitable.

Top-to-bottom, left-to-right: "Girl & Boy," "Blazer," "Whiskey," "Winter Wear," and "Tetris Pizza" postcards.

  • Simply tell us which one is your favorite and who you'd send it to
  • We'll pick three winners: one from Twitter, one from Facebook and one from the comments in this post. Pick your preferred poison.
  • Contest closes on Friday at 11:59:59 p.m. We'll announce it after the weekend is over on Monday.
We get to you know you better a bit through these giveaways, as do the other readers. Big, happy family for the holidays, you know? Cool. We think so, too. 

(Conversely, you could visit her Etsy site and buy 'em up before the giveaway ends. I dare you.) If you're not one of the winners: $2.50 for a little diddy to send to a friend via snail mail? That's a pint of beer during Happy Hour....in a college town at least. Have at it!


  1. I love the moped! I would send it to my 12-year old niece because it would look great next to her Andy Griffith poster. I would have chosen Dawson's Creek for her, but she'd rather watch The Waltons.

  2. Im with Twice up here I like Moped a lot.

  3. "W" as in whiskey for sure. I'd send it to my cousin, who at one point said that she could only hold a conversation in sign language if it was about sea turtles or whiskey.

  4. Girl & Boy. I'm in college right now and freshman year my life was filled with little moments like that (minus the booze) that were made even more special by a girl I liked. Time has moved on and while I somehow managed to trick her into being my girlfriend all of those moments are slowly being taken away away.

    I'm a physics major at a very competitive school and I no longer have the ability to give homework the backseat because if I do I won't cut it. She is so wonderful though and understands when I have to say I am too busy 90% of the time, so I always look out for when I can do the little things that make her smile.

  5. Whiskey is my favorite. I drink with my brother every holiday.

  6. I'd send the bowtie one to my editor at BowTie Publishing.

  7. W is for Whisky. And I'd send it to a long distance friend, who enjoys both typography and good whisky.

  8. ...flask me anything...just don't ask me why!!!

    1. ...and i'd send it to my eldest with directions to resend it to his sister who in turn would send it to her sister...


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