FAVORITE: Dog Days Of...Fall?

Right when I'm settling into a happy routine of sweaters, wool socks and layering, the temperature spikes up to the mid-80s. I shouldn't be surprised. It's just like you to do this, Midwest—every damn year. Ah, well. When summer is as fleeting as it is in the northern half of this region, you've gotta cherish every last day even if it comes in the middle of autumn.

And when you find a piano on an abandoned freight railroad track, what do you? You were going to say "take some senior pictures," right? Right. (You're all invited to my high school graduation in two years.) Thankfully, the talented Rob Culpepper was on hand and in the mood to shoot some medium format film on the Bloomingdale Trail, Chicago's undeveloped and still super-secret future answer to New York's High Line.

A note on the trousers: Dockers? Yeah, you read that right. Your dad's favorite brand has updated some of its offerings with more tapered silhouettes that look like like khakis but wear like jeans. They're called Alpha Khakis, and I've been wearing the hell out of 'em. Along with a second green pair, they've become fast favorites. 

It's still fall, right? I got hooked on yerba mate in Argentina and have it with me most days when it gets late in the year.

On Seth: Indian cotton button-down (sale $30, reg. $75) by J.Crew; "Alpha Khakis" in British khaki (sale $59, reg. $68) by Dockers; natural veg leather belt by Cause and Effect; thrifted loafers by Giorgio Brutini; "Weekender" watch ($25) by Timex with Horween leather strap ($95) by Buckshot Sonny's.

Oh, and if you're a Mizzou Tiger, you're headed into a special weekend. Cam and I will see you at Homecoming, suckers.

Photos by Rob Culpepper.


  1. I really like that plaid shirt! It screams fall and is extremely affordable.

  2. Hey fellow midwestern fashion blogger!

    Such a great blog. These photos are really top notch, and I'm really diggin' the vibe. Paul Bunyon meets j.crew model. It's so hard to find blogs with such nice photos, and I'm super jealous that you've got someone to take the great pics.

    The one with the thermos is my favorite. So glad to have found your blog! Love learning about other midwestern style afficianados.


  3. Another hilarious post guys and I know exactly what you mean when referencing the weather in this region! Here in Indy two days ago it was 70F then the following day it was 40F raining, snowing and hailing. Then the sun came out and while still freezing out it was as if nothing had happened.



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