Friday Wrap-Up: Gary Cooper and Missouri's True/False Film Festival

Here's some general miscellany and packaged goods we thought you should know about:

On Gary Cooper:
  • "Believe me, he was the best looking son of a bitch that ever lived." If there's one thing we love, it's the impossible style of movies stars from the middle of the 20th century. And if those words (Bill Blass's, by the way) doesn't describe Gary Cooper, we don't know what does. To see the rest of the quote, check out Cary Randolph Fuller's feature on Cooper, which appeared on the cover of Ralph Lauren Magazine's spring issue.
On lying:
  • If you don't know about the True/False Film Festival, you should. I'm almost not sure how to even describe it, but it's the best documentary film festival in the world, and it's here in the Midwest. If you think sitting in a dark room with hundreds of other people for 72+ hours doesn't sound like fun, you're wrong. The entire town comes alive, and there are secret parties and mind-blowing new ways of looking at the world. Missouri? Who would have thought? We'll have full coverage in a few weeks.
  • It's happening March 1–4 in Columbia, Mo. Unless you act, like, now, you may already be out of time.
On sale:
On hard-ons:
  • Our thrifting find of the week: topical Chicago Cubs humor. Wrigleyville? Sounds about right.


  1. I've been reading you blog for a while now, and while I'm a female, I definitely appreciate the style on here. I'm orginally from Chicagoland, but I'm finishing up at Mizzou, and let me tell you, it's really cool to read a blog that knows both Chicagoland and CoMO!

  2. Man, that Harden shirt's pretty bad, but the Fukudome shirts were even funnier.

  3. Some clothes look like they are better "suited" for igloos.


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