midweSTYLE: Building A Still (To Slow Down The Time)

Last week we debuted the photography of our guy Grant Heinlein, who was in home-sweet-Kansas-City for the holidays. He led Cam and Jeff out into the woods and then shot them. But thankfully it was with a camera.

Since Jeff skipped the country on a whim last week—he's somewhere between a pack of Parisian cigarettes and the Louvre right now—I (Seth) have had to hijack his byline. He's obviously lying low until the heat dies down, and consequently didn't have time to leave much in the way of an explanation for this series. So, we'll let the photos do the talking.

Without further adieu: Cam, ladies and gentlemen. Ask him where he got that watch.

Photos by Grant Heinlein.


  1. WHAT IS THE MA-1 HE IS WEARING? looks great.

  2. Yeah I want to know about the watch? Who makes it? Is that a custom band?

  3. Love the watch...And that sweater.


  4. Also graciously requesting information on that watch. It's absolutely beautiful...


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