Thrifty Thursday: Camel suede chukka boots

If you're from Missouri, you're aware that there's this quasi-rivalry between St. Louis and Kansas City. It's natural, after all, seeing as they're the two biggest cities in the state and they're both furnished with competing major league sports teams. When you go to Mizzou, though, you're kind of forced become frenemies friends with residents of the other city. While it's unfortunate, it is necessary.

At any rate, some of my own St. Louis friends tricked me into actually going there under the guise of watching them run half of the St. Louis Marathon. I eventually took the bait, and in an attempt to make me think more of their hometown, they took me to The Loop. It was here that they fed me the delicacies of Pam's Chicago-Style Dogs, walked me past one of the Midwest's best music venues, The Pageant, and finally took me to some of the city's finest boutiques and vintage resale shops. It was inside of one of these shops—Avalon Exchange, to be exact—that I stumbled upon these mid top boat shoes for $15, in almost new condition.

$15? Sold. Plus, nothing quite says spring/summer like a light-weight, light-colored pair of shoes. Canvas sneakers, white suede bucks, or in this case, tan mid top deck shoes.

St. Louis, you're alright in my book.

(Seth's note: The "Loop"? Chicago-style dogs? Sounds like St. Louis is just a Chi-wannabe. The thing is, I bet they like ketchup on their hot dogs, and that right there says it all.)

Also, while the Corter 'For Japan' bracelet is no longer available for purchase, you can definitely still support the one-man, Boston based leather goods operation. The single wrap leather bracelet is a favorite. Also, where else can you find a handmade in the USA, natural leather utility belt for under $50? Nowhere. Definitely check it out here.

Camel suede chukka boots (thrifted from Avalon Exchange, $15) by Anchor, size 10; red and blue plaid button-front (thrifted, $3) by L.L. Bean, medium; "The 77" straight leg dry selvedge denim (Standard Style, $198) by Baldwin Denim, size 31; natural leather "Corter for Japan" bracelet (retail, $20) by Corter.

Photography by Jarred Donalson.


  1. oh the kc/stl rivalry...i married a kansas city-ite and it's the bane of our relationship...at least he's a cardinals/chiefs fan, i don't know if i could live with a royals fan.

    LOVE following you guys...

    (PS: post suggestion: Father's Day gifts...I need to find a good watch and you have better taste than me!)

  2. seth, i love ketchup on my hot dogs. also, a father's day gift post would be excellent. joel is tricky man but does love to look dapper.

  3. Thanks, Jen. I've started a draft on Father's Day, so rest assured we'll do something on it. P.S. your family is unbelievably dapper. Good looking gang!

    Mallory, you would. Consider this wisdom: "Those...[Chicago] Dog connoisseurs are often vehemently opposed to eating (or even witnessing) Hot Dogs w/ ketchup."

    Gospel truth.

  4. Good color combo with the deep plaid, dark denim and light boots!


  5. I was born in St. Louis (where I once again live) but I grew up in Jefferson City and then attended college at Mizzou, so I'm well versed on the whole St. Louis - K.C. thing. Perhaps it was the circle in which I traveled, but my peers and I chose to focus on the best each burgh had to offer and to discount the rest. Rivaly, schmivarly . . . . except of course for the Royals' disputed 1985 World Series title.

    On the matter of Fathers' Day. I urge you to read this mighty piece penned by one of my favorite imaginary Internet pals (i.e. Facebook "friends") Tom Junod. The piece is 15 years old but holds perfect currency.


    Something tells me you've probably seen this once or twice before, but if not, it's a must-read.

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