SALE: Patagonia at Urban Outfitters

When I first moved to Chicago, Seth was kind enough to let me crash in his igloo apartment until I found a place of my own. We had many a great times watching Arrested Development, shivering and chattering our teeth into slumber, getting Niko'd, meeting Peter Gallagher, starting fires in the corner to keep warm, shenanigans in Wicker Park, getting drinks at Violet Hour, '90s hip-hop dance parties at the Whistler, losing a finger to frostbite, and day drinking.

It was so chill great to live with Seth for two weeks—and I wanted to share with you what enabled me to survive enjoy my stay. This is what I wore to survive in the refrigerator apartment, and it's on sale for a steal of a price.

Patagonia Down Sweater sale $119, reg $200

And this is what I wish I had whenever I was just wearing a t-shirt in Seth's ice chest apartment:

Patagonia Down Vest sale $99, reg $150

Plus, obnoxious colors/detailing are always grade-A in my book.

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  1. Those sweater and vest are indeed perfect for winter. I'm planning to visit the states in a few months and I hope I could also find sweaters on sale at the post free ads in the Philippines site.


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