Thrifty Thursday: Steven Alan Parka

Granted, this is a small stretch on the word thrifty. This jacket, as it were, cost me $70. Keep in mind, however, that it retailed at $400. So, getting a $400 Steven Alan hiking parka at 83% off, we register that as thrifty. More accurately, we call it being a boss. A bargain boss. We gave you folks a quick heads up on these a few months back when eDrop-Off listed a few of these bad boys on eBay. Turns out, I couldn't quite turn down the price myself.

A lot of you are probably thinking, "Wow, that's an awfully bright orange." Or maybe it's closer to, "Man, I really hate that color." Either way, if you're thinking one of those two, I've accomplished my goal. If fitting in was my jam, I'd go buy a jet-black North Face like everybody else in the Western Hemisphere. An orange piece of outerwear, on the other hand, makes you react. Orange evokes emotion. And I like emotions, because I'm an emotional guy... okay, that backfired.

"The 77" dry 14-ounce Kurabo fabric (Standard Style, $200) by Baldwin Denim, size 31; madras button-down (eBay, sale $15; reg. $65) by J. Crew, medium; hiking parka (eBay, sale $70; reg. $400) by Steven Alan, small.


  1. I love the orange, and the background (which it's perfectly suited for). It looks like one of those gray spring days on the lakes.

    BTW I love you guys' blog! I'm stuck in LA but my family lives in Minnesota so I feel an affinity with the midwest. I like that you are representing not only the pitifully small world of male fashion blogs but the MIDWEST! *high five! :)

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  3. Orange and blue is such a great combo. It just always works.

    I agree with you about North Face too. Up here in ND all everyone wears all winter is North Face fleece jackets. Every. Single. Day.

    Good grief.

  4. 1. I bet your roommate wants that jacket. your roommate needs orange like he needs oxygen. you may want to find a hiding place
    2. 83% off = glory
    3. emotional man indeed

  5. Love this look! Orange can never be too bright. IOHO (In our humble opinions...)

  6. Great colors in this outfit. And really a great deal!

  7. DAMN that's a great-looking jacket. Woof.

  8. bright orange parka beats a north face jacket any day.


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