Friday Wrap-up: Dose Market and Style Tips from the Pro

Happy Friday. First thing's first: Dose Market is coming. Again. Sunday. July 10.

We've been hearing some remarkable buzzing about this startup market. European. Food. Furniture. Fashion. Festivities. All of those sound like good things to us. Did we mention complimentary cocktails by Grant Achatz? You might know him from The Aviary.

They're working on beefing up the menswear offerings, but there are quite a few things to be excited about. We caught up with Jessica Herman, the associate shopping and style editor at Time Out Chicago and also one of the four "Dosettes," and she was full of intrigue about what'll be there:
  • Red Belly Boardshop is bringing sporting equipment and apparel
  • Apartment Number 9 doing custom shirts and NSF denim
  • Contacts & Specs is bringing deadstock '70s and '80s frames for men and women
  • Fresh & Proper is doing out-of-the-ordinary ties
  • Fix Boutique is bringing mostly menswear, too
Dose is a monthly deal that began in June; unfortunately weren't able to attend that first one, but you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be there Sunday. And of course, we'll be reporting back with photos and interviews. If you're in Chicago, we hope you'll join us. And if you can't, well, you'll just have to see what you missed the morning after.

435 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60611

photography by Nick Welch of Scout Photography

We'll leave you with this tip from Gerard, the photographer-husband of Concrete Catwalk, the stylist at Style & Pepper and a hip-hop enthusiast-at-large. He says:

"Sensitive thugs, y'all need hugs."

Wait, that was Jay-Z.

Gerard lends a few words on taking some sartorial jumps into mixing patterns and prints:
"When styling someone, the first thing I ask is 'Do you like it?' It's the most important thing. If you don't like what you are wearing, then people feel that and respond accordingly. You won't have the necessary confidence to pull it off. But if you like it, wear it. Just make sure it fits right."

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