midweSTYLE: Summershine

A couple of weeks back, when we were finally getting used to the sun warming up the streets, Jeff and I caught up with our compadre Anthony Barlich, photographer extraordinaire.

The three of us generally palled around for the afternoon, first snapping some frames on a defunct freight track (known to some as the "Bloomingdale Trail")*, then running away from the rain, then scarfing down a few sweet, tasty Epic Burgers.

Solid day between hard-working friends.

Sartorially, I'll keep it brief. Here, I suppose, I'm endorsing the idea of fit and a splash of color. I don't think I'll get tired of a non-baggy silhouette any time soon. It makes us short-folk look not quite as dumpy. I've also been noticing that there's way too much blue in my closet. In school, I found that the color worked for me and overstocked. So I've been experimenting with other stuff. Took me a while to warm to the idea of sea-foam and grey, but there it is. I've also found myself woefully undersupplied in the short-sleeve shirt area. But no need to go out and buy a new shirt if it's not in the budget; just roll 'em sky high.

So, folks, buy something that fits. (Don't fulfill GQ's read on Kansas City.) And if you get the chance, throw a pop of color into the mix. Just a little.

On Seth: Button-front shirt by J.Crew; slim-fit carpenter trousers by Levi's; natural leather belt by Urban Outfitters; thrifted loafers by Giorgio Brutini.

*An earlier version of this post misidentified the Bloomingdale Trail, which was actually a track for freight transport from a manufacturing district on the northwest side of Chicago. It discontinued service in the 1990s, and these days there's a campaign to beautify, restore and develop the land into a park and trail for commuters, contemplators and those who would like to find "refuge from daily urban life." There are also 12 schools near the Trail, so it could double as a safe way for kids to get to class. For more info, check out the group's website.


  1. Exceptionally sharp look, man! I too made the mistake of overstocking on a plethora of "comfort zone"-blue pieces. But you've inspired me to try harder to correct this!


  2. Fantastic outfit! I could not agree with you more: If a guy should know anything about style, it is that baggy doesn't cut it. Slim-fit and sharp, clean lines are the best. So, this outfit is lovely. I'm really digging the sea foam & grey.

  3. you guys are ridiculous. i bumped into you that day on the bloomingdale trail (you didn't even spell it correctly). this was never an "el" track, but rather carried freight from Canadian Pacific. instead of taking an opportunity to highlight an urban gem, you made your excursion a farce. loafers may not be the most appropriate footwear for an abandoned railway filled with broken glass, and fashion is more than simply cuffing your shirt and pants.

  4. Reynolds—

    Thanks for writing. And thanks for saying hi that day. It was nice to meet you.

    I've made a correction, and we regret the errors. I agree with you that fashion and/or style is more than cuffs. I don't think we've ever made the case that it is exclusively those things. I'd also welcome any elaboration on the aspects of style that are important to you. In fact, that seems like a pretty good idea for a regular feature: have people write about the most important elements of fashion and style from their perspective. If you're so inclined, feel free to shoot me an email or comment here.

    Again, thanks for catching the errors.


  5. Seth-

    Fair enough. Apologies if my post was coarse. It was just slightly incongruous to see such finely appointed gentlemen engaging the trail on their terms rather than on its own.

    You all have a distinct perspective, and it is welcome to be sure. I would just rather see more "appropriate" attire featured when hiking an abandoned railroad.


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