midweSTYLE: Gwynn Hall

You can always tell who the freshmen are on Mizzou's campus because everything they own is fresh, rigid and brand new.
Like, fresh-from-the-factory fresh, tag-recently-plucked fresh.
Fresh-faced ladies with their fresh backpacks and fresh dreams, majors, aspirations and hopes.

Oh, the ladies.
With their monogrammed monograms and pearls upon pearls and coral lips strolling through the Quad.
Toned and crisp, all tanned and sun-kissed from their summer trysts at "the Lake."
Their sun signed noses with freckles from their hours spent crosswording, reading but mostly latte-ing.
Skinny jeans that hug, hug, hug, cropped above those sky-high pumps for nights out, clutch in hand.
Bright planners peep out from Longchamps & Speedys to say hello for all their appointments, events, dates.
Oh, ladies.

I digress.


If I were going back to school this fall, I'd stick to my "I-need-to-be-awake-but-put-together" with a button down and chinos. Something that says to my professor, "I enjoy your lectures and your intelligence—and I would like to meet with you after class...to not talk about class over beers at Shakespeare's."

One of my favorite parts about this unique short-sleeve button down is the middle seam that runs straight through the middle of the garment. Quirky? A little. It's a nice touch in breaking up the shirt, making it subtle and casual.

One of the better-fitting pair of chinos I own is the "Davis" Chino by Club Monaco. Slim cut, medium rise, chino-style pockets. I sized down in these and am surprised at how well they hold their fit and feel. I'm definitely stocking up on them when the new fall colors come out. For me, it fits better than J.Crew's Urban Slim Fit, and I used to swear by those.

On Jeff: White short sleeve buton down by rag & bone; the "Davis" chino by Club Monaco; thrifted Allen Edmonds; ivory straw hat with chambray fabric from Target; camper watch by Timex.


  1. Jeff you are making me miss college! Stop it...I was in such a good place before this post.

    Gwynn Hall. Sigh.

  2. I can just imagine all the girls you just describe... :)

    Awesome color on the Allen Edmonds


  3. Those are great chinos. Do they sell them online anywhere? Can't seem to find a link to a shop on their Web site.


  4. I went to Kansas State and the limestone building remind me of it. LOVE your blog!

  5. To much ankle. The pants need to be an inch longer so you can cuff 1 inch, and show 1 inch of ankle 2 inches at most. Be thankful we have color, even though you're going for something monochromatic and minimalist, try a dash of color maybe with the shoes or hat or perhaps both. And for that matter try a suede saddle shoe. Great idea though, love the minimalism.


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