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Some of you are probably thinking, "Who is this guy again?" After all, it must feel like you haven't seen me in a month of Sundays. Where have I been, you ask? Long story short, I spent about four weeks in the smokey hills of North Carolina, making new lifelong friends and perusing the city of Asheville in a 12 passenger van. It was an incredible joy, but I'm also pumped to be back in Kansas City, at the Midwestyle office. And no, that doesn't actually exist. Or does it?

FIRST THINGS FIRST: The newest additions to my closet are a few Gitman Vintage shirts that I scored at a freshly opened Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th at Legends Outlets in Kansas City, Kansas. With the combination of some opening-event special discounts and a few other tricks, I ended up scoring two for about a hundred dollars. Considering they both retail for around $165 per, it felt like Christmas. Or my birthday. Or like I was stealing something.

My favorite part about wearing or using something over and over again is to see how well it ages. My Vans, Baldwin Denim, and Duluth Pack are all developing their own characteristics that make putting them on or throwing it over my shoulder a different experience week to week, month to month. I love products that have the quality and longevity to take on a distinct life of their own (note: those are also the products I'm also willing to shell out more cash for). Sorry mom, I know I should be saving, or something like that (note #2: my mom reads the Midwestyle religiously. You da best, mom!).

In other, unrelated news, I lost my Timex and Corter for Japan bracelet somewhere in the state of North Carolina. That said, I find myself in between watches and without any leather on my wrist, the feeling of which, I must say, I had grown quite fond of. The search has begun for replacements. Like this. And this. More suggestions are welcome.

LASTLY: Because I feel like things are meant to be shared.

On Cameron: Kurabo 77's (Standard Style, $198) by Baldwin Denim, size 31; s/s madras shirt (Saks OFF 5th @ Legends Outlets, over 50 percent off) by Gitman Vintage, size medium; Authentics (online, $40) by Vans, size 10; "Preston" eyeglasses (online, $95) by Warby Parker; waxed canvas "Wanderer" backpack (online, $215) by Duluth Pack; ratty woven belt (thrifted, $4)

Photos by my good friend Jarred Donalson


  1. What do you have on your left wrist?

  2. Good thing I'm going to NC next week; Timex and Corter here I come

  3. If you're into wrist accoutrements that have a cause, maybe you'd like some of these:

    I've had some for years and enjoying piling them nearly up to my elbows above my watch. Oh, and great look, man! Cheers.


  4. I lost my Corter for Japan bracelet too after so much work and time (tanning, etc)!!! Bad luck! I hope we find ours sometime eventually lol.

  5. Consider this. It's practically the same as J.Crew's Timex field army watch, just $110 cheaper. Plus, the different J.Crew watch straps fit, so you can change it up a bit. I'm about to get one for myself.


  6. Very handsome ensemble – functional and attractive. I like it! The scenery is gorgeous! Hope you had an amazing vaca!

  7. @Andrew - I've got an old piece of climbing rope that was cut to measure and then melted and attached around my wrist at the ends. It's the only thing I wear on my wrist that I can't take off, thus the only bracelet I haven't lost, ha.

    @Blake - I dig those a lot! Considering an order for sure.

    @DM - That was the worst part, knowing that even when I get another leather bracelet, it's going to take months to get the same wear and tan that my Corter had. *sigh*

    @Shawn - That's essentially the same one I just ordered from Timex's Weekender collection, for $40. Ha, they're basically the exact same watch.

  8. So I'm definitely bias- but you Midwestern guys have something that the coast guys don't have.

    You've got a new follower!



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