It's boots like these that will forever have me preaching the eBay gospel, ladies and gentlemen. Is it too early for boots? Perhaps. But when I saw these bad boys on eBay while doing some pre-fall bargain hunting, I had to pull the proverbial trigger (get it?). After all, for the price of about four Chipotle burritos (and I'm talking steak burritos here, or barbacoa, depending on my mood) plus shipping, how could I go wrong? You're right, I couldn't. Now, I'm sure all of you calculus teachers out there have done the mental math, but for those that haven't, the purchase came out to a little over $30, shipped. That's, like, ¥2400 for all ya'll in Japan!

Not bad for some vintage cap toe Cable and Co. work boots, handcrafted in Italy. They're used, weathered, and scuffed, which only adds to their appeal. Those contrasting brown suede panels on the uppers are pretty out of the ordinary. Plus, those who are weary of workwear are shifting toward the Italian influence, right? BUT WAIT! You forgot about - *dun dun dun!* - Italian workwear.


On Cameron: thrifted s/s madras shirt (Wild Man Vintage, $7) by Royal Knight, size medium; grey chinos (J. Crew, $65) by J. Crew, size 31; "Preston" eyeglasses (online, $95) by Warby Parker; cap toe work boots (eBay, $30 shipped) by Cable and Company, size 10

Photos by Jarred Donalson


  1. Man, how do you find this stuff on eBay? I must be searching poorly.

  2. Those boots are amazing, especially for only $30! I am always a little hesitant about clothes shopping on ebay, because I have a freakish body that never has the same clothes fit right!

  3. Can't stress enough how important persistence is when it comes to eBay. Constantly searching, it's a bit of a chore some times, but it's well worth the eventual savings. There's a hefty amount of luck involved as well.

    @James - the key for me has been learning to look for particular brands and the sizes I know I can fit into in that brand. Sellers that list a garment's measurements are pretty clutch as well, as long as you know what you're looking for. Not a bad idea to measure, say, your favorite shirt for some reference.

  4. uhh, leather ankle boots are sex. love them. good find!

  5. It makes me ridiculously happy that you appreciate good Italian shoes! I have this fantastic pair of Italian wedges, and very few men understand the appeal haha.
    Ps: just found your blog. J'adore :)


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