TRY THIS: Monochromatic

Let's talk color. But not color blocking or adding a "pop of color" as the kids like to call it; rather, monochromatic colors.

What is a monochromatic look?
An outfit built around one particular color story.

Try these:
  • Navy, dark grey, slate and midnight.
  • Khaki, tan, ecru and nude.
  • Black, heather grey, charcoal and steel.
Some examples:

For some, it's fairly effortless to throw on one shade of a color since that what is what is in your entire closet. (Cough, Seth, cough.) All one color. For others, it will be a little more difficult knowing their colorful tendencies of wearing a ton.

But we say: Why not give it a go? Especially with a little on a print or pattern in the same color story.


  1. Where's that graph check/tattersall joint from?

  2. Basically, every guy needs to read your blog to know what looks GREAT! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  3. Love all the blue, gentlemen....my personal favorite monochromatic hue as well!



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