midweSTYLE: Fight

What you don't know is that Seth and Jeff fight...often. Yes, yes. It's true, dear readers. Jeff and Seth, although former roommates in college and former couch residents, get in fights. We don't always see eye-to-eye on everything. Topics and past arguments have included but are not limited to:
  • Why is addressing your parents by their first name rude/inconsiderate?
  • What is a healthy B.A.C. level for a slow Tuesday at 2 p.m.?
  • Should I still be subsisting on cereal even though I'm 23 years old with a full-time job?
We debate these pressing issues week in and week out at The Midwestyle office. Our boy Anthony decided to help us handle these issues on the street.

I really loved playing Mortal Kombat growing up. This image brings back flashbacks. FIGHT!

So the fight begins. FINISH HIM.

Pause for a shot of my fresh kicks.


On Jeff: Chambray-lined, blue-and-white striped button down by J.Crew, small; broken-in orange striped tee by J.Crew, small; straight-leg front-pocket green cargo pants (sale $19.99) by Levi's, 31x34; classic white "Authentics" courtesy of Vans Shoes, size 11, vintage Clubmasters (Seek Vintage, $12); jersey slub cardigan by J.Crew, small; canvas green unzippered tote (thrifted on eBay, $50) by Filson.

On Seth: Navy cotton, shawl-collar pull-over by Nonnie Threads; light blue button-down (hand-me-down from brother) by Arrow; paisley tie (hand-me-down from grandfather); khaki chinos (retail, $40) by Gap, size 31x30; knock-off Persol wanna-be sunglasses (Seek Vintage, $12); brown suede "Moc" courtesy of Vans Shoes, size 7.5.


  1. This is hilarious! Funny and well-dressed, an unstoppable duo.

  2. I am a recently new reader and already a major fan! So happy to find such stylish (and hilariously clever) gentlemen in the blogosphere! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  3. Love these photos!! and both of you gents look (as my boyfriend would say) extra crispy:)
    ps- thats a good thing ha:)

  4. Love those moves!

    <3 Nonnie


  5. I love the photo quality on these- they are so crisp. They look like photos that could be in GQ, that's what I kept thinking. Love this post!

  6. The most handsome fight I have ever seen!


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