STREET midweSTYLE: Brad on Chicago & LaSalle

Meet Brad.

He's a Brooklyn transplant in Chicago who runs Well-Spent. He's an intelligent guy who has a passion for discovering and bringing the focus on "honest, obtainable goods."


After an evening with Ryan, Max and Brad at Haberdash for a meetup, a few of us hopped next door to Pops on Champagne. Pops was not on the agenda, rather Watershed, the underbell beneath Pops. A rosy-cheeked blonde greeted and ushered us to some available seats where the exposed stone walls met the black leather cushions. Drinks and stories ensued.

Stories of cities we've been to and mistakes we've made, this whole "Internet" thing, our shared academic focus backgrounds, girlfriends, booze. Life.

And all the things and objects that accompany us on the journey that make it a little more beautiful. Those objects, apparel and goods we often forget have stories—stories that are worth telling.

Brad seeks out those goods and wants you to know and care about them. He's influenced some of the ways we spend our money and we'd like to get you in the know, too.
Honestly crafted can mean many things. It can mean manufactured in first world conditions. It can mean made using sustainable materials. Or, it can simply mean built to last a lifetime (or longer). The items featured here run the gamut. Some are organic, some are made in the US, some are so high-quality that they’ll never need replacing (there are even a few to which all three traits apply). - Well-Spent's "About" page.

We like Brad. He's got a plan and is pursuing that plan passionately. As for you? You do the same. Get a plan and do it. And do it well.

He's also a man of style that we dig. Also, how about that beautiful Stanley & Sons bag.

Denim on denim on leather on chambray on canvas? Yes.

On Brad: USA-made sunglasses by American Optical; USA-made denim jacket (eBay) by Levis; USA-made oxford button down by Gitman Vintage; USA-made leather bracelet by Corter for Japan; vintage watch by Tag Hauer; custom USA-made bag by Stanley & Sons; USA-made slim denim jeans by Left Field; suede "McAlister" desert boots by J.Crew.

Photos by Jeff Kieslich.

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  1. I'm obsessed with my McAlister Boots from Jcrew. That's a whole lot of blue, but it looks great!


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