TRAVEL: Midwest weddings, shenannigans and reporting

We've been a little busy lately, thus why we've haven't posted as much.
  • We all went to our dear friend Patrick's wedding in St. Louis.
  • Seth is from Joplin and went down to do some long-term reporting about the tornado, clean up and see family. His family is safe, but the town is reeling—thanks for your prayers and donations.
  • Jeff has had weddings each weekend and bachelor parties to plan. Someone has to make sure the Knob Creek is safe for everyone to drink and the dance floor is prepped for krumping, Dougin' and the Bernie.
  • Cameron finished finals at Mizzou and has been getting kicked out of medical trials, thus remaining a rejected test dummy for medical studies. But he's doing well sans needles and mysterious pills for the sake of fat cash.

See you after the weekend with plenty of photographs, stories and posts to come. Enjoy your weekend.

But really, what have you been up to this week/end?

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