midweSTYLE: St. Louis (Part Two)

The Midwestyle traveled to wretched great St. Louis for a grand wedding weekend. College friends getting married brought us back to the city for a weekend of thrifting, dancing and getting into trouble—oh, and that wedding we were in. Ain't wedding season just...great...?
(See "Part One" for the rest of the story.)

Cam, Seth, Jeff.

We strolled along Busch Stadium and gave our two cents on what we think of the Cardinals. We walked down the street to another iconic St. Louis monument, The Arch. While Seth and I were doing groomsmen things, Cam visited the gold mine of designer clearance, Nordstrom Rack.

To see some close-ups of our wardrobe, check out our Tumblr for a few details.

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  1. Holy moly, nice work, Jarred. That was perfect timing! And nice gymnastics, men.


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