Thrifty Thursday: Levi's lately

Chicago is a land of wondrous things. Two of them happen to be the Levi's Stores on Michigan Avenue and Wicker Park. Earlier this week in stores they were taking taking an additional 50 percent already reduced prices on sale items. They might as well have said, "Please come in and find these clothes a good home for a fraction of the cost."

I've got my go-to people at each location that I work with each time I come in. Love the service and the prices. Also, it's Levi's. It just works.

Oh, you don't live near a Levi's store? That's okay. Their customer service is great and will happily track down your items, even the sale items, because Lord knows that's where and what I shop when I walk into Levi's.

Oh, Timex Camper watch for a mere $18, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways that you look sharp and timeless everywhere I take you.

Straight-leg cargo pants that I'm not swimming in? Please. I've gotten more compliments on these lately than I have the bow ties I've been rocking. I saw these on a gentlemen who worked for the styling department of Oprah and asked him where he got these, thinking they were Shipley and Halmos or Engineered Garments. But they were Levi's! He told me he didn't remember the style number but got them from a store in California for like 20 bucks. Eager to find these, I went to the Levi's store with a mission and that mission was completed.

On Jeff: Cotton hunting jacket ($30) by Levi's; cotton front-pocket cargo pants ($20) by Levi's; grey button down ($20) by J.Crew; "The Lexington" leather wingtips (Nordstrom Rack, $50) by Florsheim; "Camper" watch ($18) by Timex; leather belt with brass hardware ($5) by J.Crew.

Photos of Jeff by Jeff for Jeff by Seth.

Seth slipped the Levi's hunting jacket and never looked back.

That's Seth's beloved Saddleback Leather briefcase—which, as he points out for the budget-minded among you, was result of a giveaway from the generous folks over at the Art of Manliness.

The jacket won him over, so we ordered it for him a couple of days later and he took it down to ol' farm in southwest Missouri to bust out the over-under 20-gauge shotty and break in the reinforced shoulder patch.

Of Seth: Field photos by Jeff Kieslich. Farm photos by Oliver Drambour.


  1. I'm an habitual art of manliness reader, great site! I also wear a timex camper I bought at walmart for pretty cheap, amazing classic watch. You really can't beat it (the other one I wear is a retro Tissot that's a heirloom!) Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Ahh, these photos are to die for! But glad no one did...Guns scare me, but as a Kentucky girl, I am habitually drawn to their history and, dare I say it, style. Everyone in my family owns and collects guns, so I will forever have a fear/fascination with them. Sometime you should check out http://www.hemingwaysguns.com.

  3. Gorgeous! Your photos are amazing!

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