BADASS MONDAY: Marlon Brando

Alright, if you follow Badass Monday, you're going to start to think that I have a thing for actors, particularly those that I am a generation or two removed from. And it's true, I absolutely love them (and most of their films - said in my most high brow, pretentious voice). Brando came to mind for a couple of reasons. He stars in A Streetcar Named Desire, which I have been forced to watch for a class. (Remember, I'm in college.) And with the True/False Film Festival just behind us here in Columbia, I got to thinking about past films I'd seen at the festival, including one called Smash His Camera. It includes a scene where a young Brando punches a paparazzi photographer in the face.

Anyway, Brando's of Midwestern blood himself, having been born in Nebraska and raised in both his birth state and Illinois. Instead of rambling in sentence form, lets just do this in bullets (pretend like you popped opened a Snapple):
  • Brando was kicked out of high school for riding his motorcycle through the halls.
  • He was the named the fourth Greatest Male Star of All Time by the American Film Institute.
  • Brando was one of Time's 100 Most Important People of the Century.
  • He quit production of a movie to devote his time fully to the civil rights movement.
  • Oh yeah, he was Vito Corleone. No big deal.

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  1. That is awesome! I had not realized that the guy in A street car named Desire and Vito Corleone were the same actor ;)

  2. Have you heard about the classic film society's screenings at the Portage Theatre? They show films every Wednesday night at 7:30 for only $5. I go every week!

    [This is in Chicago, I think at least one of you is located in the windy city, not sure if you are though]


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