midweSTYLE: Gazebo

With the warm weather being ushered in each week, we're ready for spring.
Then it snows. Then it's sunny again the next day to melt the snow, followed by another snow.
Welcome to weather in the Midwest. The weather is what you will it to be. Throw a cuff in your khakis and a tie on your button down.

We proudly roll our chinos occasionally. Gotta keep up with the times. Wanna learn how? Check out the Gilt MANual.

Shawl-collar cardigan ($60) by J.Crew; deadstock tie (eBay, lot of seven for $14); khaki pants (Urban Outfitters, $60) by Paul Frank, chestnut Longwings (thrifted, $4), size 10; "The Paulie" Chambray three-quarter sleeve shirt (Standard Style, $90) by Baldwin Denim.

If you tumble, check out our tumblr: www.themidwestyle.tumblr.com

Photography by Jarred Donalson,
great day for a great shoot by a great photographer.


  1. cam, those shoes are good. REAL GOOD.

  2. Awesome look, I like how the tie adds a nice pop of color. Also, those shoes are brilliant, excellent find.

  3. You got a great deal on those ties, love the colour of that plaid.

    The chambray shirt is rockin' too, I've been wanting to try out that look as well.

  4. David - thank you, sir! I nearly passed them up, then my girlfriend told me I would be an idiot to do so. She's always right.

    Leilani - yeah, that plaid is one of my favorites. They're all pretty loud actually, which is nice (I wear a lot of solid blue and white oxfords, so some color helps).

    DC - you're too kind, my friend.

  5. Cameron - that's the first lesson in a happy relationship: "She's always right."

    Someone please back me on this...

  6. in england there's a joke that posh people use odd words to describe getting significantly drunk. one of those jokes is: "oh, oh, and i got toootaly gazeboed last night!"


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