midweSTYLE: Campustyle

The Midwestyle Boys reunited on Park University's campus (where none of us went). We mixed up classic looks and pieces with something fresh, new and unexpected:

Chambray pants, Dad's old jacket and a pair of Red Wing boots.

A blazer to dress it up, a varsity jacket to keep cool and a windbreaker for purpose.

WHAT JEFF'S WEARING: A clean varsity jacket matched with chambray pants is an unexpected look I've grown to like. Instead of the regular denim, I often try to see how I can incorporate these chambray pants into a look. I think it turned out well, even when blending the textures and patterns.

WHAT SETH'S WEARING: When wearing a lighter jacket, it's not a a bad idea to create a high contrast. The dark denim suited him well against his Dad's glorious "Mizzou '68" windbreaker. Pair this look with a neutral tie, and you're looking sharp. Is he breaking the black/brown rule? To that we say, "What rule?"

WHAT CAM'S WEARING: Navy blazer and khaki chinos are a pretty standard go-to outfit, but we mixed it up with some boots. Preppy but practical. That's what we like.

Jeff (L): Varsity wool & leather jacket (Wild Man Vintage, sale $9) by Butwin; Chambray welt pocket pant ($69) by American Apparel, brown captoe shoes (thrift, $5.99) by Bass; blue and yellow repp tie (thrifted, $1); gold "boyfriend" watch ($12.99) by Target.

Seth (C): "Slim Jim" dry black-coated denim (Standard Style, sale $75) by Nudie Jeans; wool skinny tie (Urban Outfitters, sale $9.99) by BDG; retro "Mizzou '68'" windbreaker (father's jacket in college); brown woven-and-stitched tassle loafers (thrifted, $9).

Cam (R): Suede Irish Setter boots by Red Wing Shoes; faded khaki chinos (Urban Outfitters, $50) by Paul Frank; navy "Captain's Blazer" (thrifted, $10); pink plaid "Sunday's Best" tie (thrifted, $2).

Photography by Jarred Donalson


  1. in the nicest way possible, i dying that seth is standing up a stair

  2. @mallory wiegers he looked so out of place otherwise. It's the price you pay to have tall friends.

  3. All of you look sharp! I like how your outfits seem made for the setting, the vintage varsity jackets give the pictures a retro 'man about campus' feel. Well done.

  4. Jeff-Jeff, would it kill you to smile? You have such a pleasant grin.

    Well done, you're all beauties.

  5. Mal - We know.

    Jarred - #tallfriendproblems

    Leilani - Thanks friend!


  6. how do you boys feel about a girl (or girls?) saying "woah i would kill for that lettermen / that windbreaker / those boots"? because, you know, i wouldn't want to offend you.

  7. @MalWiegs - You can GET OUT.

    @IndiaMorgan - We're soooo offended. (Recommended reading: The shearling boots post in which I'm forced to buy women's boots from L.L. Bean.) Naw, it's all fair game as long as it works for your style.

  8. All of you look sharp! Great outfits!

    Lily @ http://wearwithchinos.com


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