midweSTYLE: Jayhawk territory

Last Friday, I went to Lawrence, Kan., for work to drop off promotional materials on campus.
And by work, I mean, I visited sorority girl houses. I dressed for the occasion and needed to blend in. Know your audience, right? Red and blue tie? Sure.

Being a graduate of Mizzou, I am required by law to dislike the state of Kansas, University of Kansas, KU fans, ChickenJayhawks, red and blue and anything related to the likes of supporting KU.

However, I do enjoy the town of Lawrence and college towns in general. Cool vibe, great local eats and unique shopping experiences. I had a tasty lunch with Mallory and Carolina at Free State Brewery and scored a sweet leather and wool varsity jacket that should be featured on Thrifty Thursday soon...

ABOUT THE LOOK: The schoolboy tie complements the crisp white button down and shrunken sport coat. It just looks sharp. A golf club tie bar adds a little quirk to the outfit, along with the Sperrys to keep it casual. I also particularly like wearing the unwashed and finely aged denim with the dark sport coat.

WHAT THE CLUTCH: When you wear slim jeans like I do—the only kind that look good on my frame mind you—squeezing a wallet or an iPhone in your pocket completely kills the profile. I carry this aged leather clutch as my big wallet. Essentially, it holds my wallet, Field Notes, iPhone, pens and keys perfectly. Go ahead and hate on, haters, but the pouch is convenient for me.

Seth's edit:
WHAT THE TIE: Good morning, Jeff. What's going on with that tie? Do tell, por favor.

Red and blue silk schoolboy tie (thrifted, $1.50); Grey sport coat (Halls, reg. $680, sale $220) by Billtornade, small; Golf club tie bar (antique mall, $5); "The Henley" 11.5-ounce dry stretch selvedge (Standard Style Boutique, $198) by Baldwin, size 30; Brown leather Top-siders (thrifted, $6) by Sperry, size 10.5; vintage leather clutch/dossier/pouch/document case (garage sale, $2) by Coach; White button-down oxford (retail, $60) by American Apparel, small; Camper watch (retail, $19) by Timex; Brown leather belt (retail, $4.99) by J.CREW.

Photography by Mallory Wiegers.
Next time I visit, let's grab some free food & dessert at your sorority house, mkay?


  1. Jeff, you look great.
    lawrence? I just puked in my mouth a little. I hope you burned something. Or burned everything.

  2. haha USC (where I went to school) kids feel the same way about UCLA but unfortunately they were located in the same city as us!

    Anyways, I'm kind of feeling the man clutch, I like that it's made of battered leather so it's more 'masculine'.

    Look forward to seeing pictures of that varsity jacket, I've been wanting one for a while.

  3. The slightly skewed tie, cuffed pants, and Sperrys are perfect. It's hard to seem both crisp and effortless, but you've totally succeeded at it.

  4. Awesome look, one of my favorite to wear as well. I'm a big fan of what I would probably have to describe as disheveled prep.

    As for the clutch, my family friend and mentor (a phD, scratch golfer, world traveler and connoisseur of everything) carries something very similar and it always looks good. Keep on keepin on.

    Hope you rocked the sorostitutes.

  5. David - Disheveled prep, I like that. Or street prep. Right-o on the mentor carrying a small bag to throw one's pocket items in. Rocked the sorostitutes? If by rocked, you mean....grabbed beers and burgers with at Free State because I was on company time...then yes. As a former frat daddy, I've been to my fair share of sorority formals & late nights of mischief...

  6. The Tights that Bind - Thank you! I thought the college prep vibe worked too. :)

  7. Glen - my dear friend across the pond, thank you.

  8. Leilani - Yanno, as much as I was conditioned to rip on KU...the town itself wasn't that bad. However, I prefer Columbia and am glad that I spent some years there. Film festivals, the summer time and East Campus all bring back great memories.

  9. I hear you, gotta keep business and pleasure separate haha. We've definitely all been there. Well, at least I know I have, and you have, I don't know what everyone else is doing with their lives.

    Also just noticed, props on having the blade longer than the front, how sprezzy of you.

  10. Jeff- what are your favorite thrift and antique malls in KC area. I'm new to the town and am need of a few deals for spring.


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