BADASS TUESDAY: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I know that being a badass is not specific to actors, but... this week, I'm giving you another actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Editor's note to Jeff: One more of these, and Cameron's out.)

When I started to think about badass dudes that were closer to my own age, I struggled a little bit. That badass distinction is often earned through retrospection of someone's life and career. Honestly, I think JGL has the earned the title. Why? First off, his meditated and careful acceptance of roles has manifested itself in a pretty stellar acting career thus far. He has the forethought to be judicious in selecting his roles, and I respect a guy who turns down millions for big budget films in lieu of smaller budgets and often more difficult roles. Quality over quantity.

Plus, he gets props for being a child actor who actually turned out to be a decent human being. That's rare enough as it is. You all saw "Inception." You've probably seen "500 Days of Summer." You might not have seen "Brick," but you should go see it ASAP. The man is good at what he does. At 30, he has successfully carved out a rather attractive niche in Hollywood. He's also got that quirky-handsome thing going for him, and he's sartorially sound. A future icon? Perhaps. A current badass? Absolutely.


  1. Don't forget "The Lookout." Great movie!

  2. Brick was an UHMAZING movie, one of my favourites along with 500 Days of Summer. His style is pretty sharp too. Definitely loving Baddass Tuesday today!

  3. I think "The Lookout" was maybe his finest piece of work to date for sure Aimee C.!

  4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is without a doubt my favorite male fashion go-to. If I were a dude I would totally copy his style. I just found your blog and I'm totally digging!

    Jessica @ wrinkled dollar

  5. very nice pick! I love him:)


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