FAVORITE: Shearling-lined Bean Boots

(I topped the whole thing off with this here waffle henley. Hey, it's casual day at the office.)

I've had these puppies less than a week, but they're fast becoming a huge favorite. Spring may have gotten here on Sunday, but it's still colder than a well-digger's ass in January, so I'm getting everything I can out of these boots. And I've been waiting long enough—when I ordered them earlier this winter, there wasn't a pair to be had until March. (Something about the demand being through the roof...L.L. Bean had to make more pairs.)

I first came across the 10-inch shearling-lined Bean Boot about a year ago in Minnesota when I saw hot-mess-and-theologian-in-training Marta Douglass flouncing around the cold Rochester streets in them. (She's since fled the country to be with some Englishman, but I have no doubt the boots are serving her well in the London fog.)

At $149, they're admittedly pricey. But quality is worth a Benjamin to me. In the review section, a guy posted a picture of his 30-year-old boots next to his brand new ones, and the only thing noticeably different was that the old boots had weathered character. Seems like a fair price for kicks that are going to last me three decades.

A word to the wise: Bean Boots run huge. Per the site's instructions for half-sizes to order down, I selected the 7. When they showed up, they were still about two sizes too big. (My brother, a size 9, fit into them comfortably.) Thing is, the 7 is the smallest men's size available. Womp, womp.

I'm not one to sacrifice fit, so I called the company and exchanged them for a women's size 8. Let it be known: L.L. Bean's customer service is fantastic. They took the order with zero ridicule about my baby-man feet, and shipped them off about a month faster than promised.

Marta wore them rolled down like so:

She totally pulled it off, and L.L. Bean advertises the roll-down as one way to wear them, but I'm not sure it's for me.

10-inch shearling-lined "Bean Boots" (llbean.com, $149) by L.L. Bean, women's size 8–I'm over it; "1969" jeans (retail, sale $44, reg. $64.50) by Gap; grey waffle henley (Walmart, $5) by Fruit of the Loom.


  1. noooo! The boots are great, but what is going on with these jeans, why are you tucking them in like that?

  2. Haha I know, I know. I did it to show the whole boot, but I think the tuck-in works okay in the first picture. The picture where the boots are rolled down, though, not so much. In normal practice, I'm not sure if I'd wear the jeans in or out. To each his own, I suppose.

  3. I understand the tucked in jeans, the bottoms would get wet otherwise, right? Personally I like the boots laced up, the roll down is kind of hard to pull off in the city (maybe would work if you were out hunting in a muddy flat somewhere).

    You're making me feel like I have giant feet, I wear a 9 1/2-10 in women's! I've done the opposite of you and bought men's cowboy boots before.

  4. These boots are amazing! As a Toronto gal, I can appreciate a great boot. (And I'm liking the tucked jeans, personally). If I wasn't so preoccupied with spring shopping I would grab a pair for next winter :)

  5. the reagan country campaign poster is a three chevron's-on-the-sleeve badge of thrift-store experience. enjoying the blog.

  6. just found this. i love you guys.

    it doesn't really snow in london and i'm living in the leafy suburbs so there's not a lot of street-kudos for the boots. but inside i know...and my feet are toasty warm.

  7. Great review, really helpful. I think tucking them is the look. Just straight the Jean and cuff it whilst also loosening up the top 2-4 laces.

  8. I like the waffle henley, where is it from?

  9. @Unknown:

    It's from Walmart. 5 bucks, if I remember correctly.

  10. wow...its really wonderful Shearling-lined Bean Boots.....i loved it....

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