midweSTYLE: East Campus slumdog

What is "East Campus" you might ask, dear reader?
East Campus is a tragically beautiful (yet awesome) slum place to live during your undergraduate years at Mizzou. It's a big, magical, non-stop party with all your friends. Imagine a place where a thick layer of cigarette butts and shattered beer bottles litters the rundown lawns and crooked sidewalks. A place coated by a thin residue of shame that comes up easily when you scrape at it with a fingernail. A place where the brick-lain streets are bathed in streams of sorority girl tears flowing richly into the Natty Light-filled sewers. East Campus, a prime place for the housing of Who's Who in Mizzou. We mean this when we say it: It's the best place ever.

Options include but are honestly limited to:
  • Hodgepodge Fraternity Housing = Questionable Living Conditions & High Rent.
  • Freshly Remodeled Housing = Great Living Conditions & High Rent.
  • Likely Unlivable Housing = Subpar Living Conditions & Cheap Rent.
These are your options on East Campus, choose wisely.
Choose cheaply.
Seth and I chose cheaply, as did Cam.
And here is your East Campus midweSTYLE in option, "Likely Unlivable Housing":

WHY THIS LOOK WORKS: Nautical and military style? Sure. It's called, the navy.

TRANSITIONAL FROM WINTER TO SPRING? Why not, switch up the denim with some chinos or khaki shorts for a warm spring night? Or swap the sweater out for a tee and rock it with them boat shoes.

STAPLES OR TRENDY?: I would say that all of these items are staples to have in your closet, or rather, on your floor ready to be used again. Classic pullover, military jacket, selvedge denim, desert boots. A beard doesn't hurt the situation either.

You can get these shoes at Famous Footwear. Is anyone listening? Famous Footwear, I say.

Cadet jacket (eBay, $40) by J.CREW, small; Binic II (on sale for $150, reg. $215) by Saint James, medium; "The 77" 14-ounce Karabo by Baldwin Denim, size 31; Beeswax Desert Boot by Clark's, size 11.

Photography by Erica Steinbach,
our dear friend at 504 who is always down for a dance party
and doesn't mind us coming over just for baked goods.


  1. I started following ya'll after someone tweeted a link to your blog. This is the most amazing description of East Campus I've ever read. It was funny 8 hours ago and it's still funny.

    Side note: Beards are ALWAYS a plus.

  2. Looks like we have another convert to the beard club. Seriously though—thanks for reading, Taylor. Glad we could put frame around the vivid shit-show that is East Campus.

  3. Hear hear. Long live East Campus... A place where the should-probably-be-condemned-properties flow like wine, and the half-drunk-firework-crazed frat boys instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano

  4. That first paragraph is kind of the most lovely and prosaic way to describe collegiate housing. It also makes me realize that while our campus apartment situation at Ohio State is quite similar, our campus fashion is tragically suffering.

  5. Glen - Wait, we were those half-drunk firework-crazed boys...

    Jenna - The ode speaks to many who have attended a large, public university with housing that was once beautiful and historic in their college town. While visiting Ohio State, I ventured off to a party there and it was an all too familiar situation. It felt and smelled like home: mold, booze and shame.

  6. ...and that's why I never lived on campus. Well, also because I went to college in my home town and I didn't need to. But yeah, mold, booze, shame pretty much covers all of what I did see of the dorm life. You never forget that smell...

  7. First of all, i found your blog through what i wore and i absolutely love it. Second of all this post made me laugh hysterically because I too went to Mizzou and know exactly what you are talking about. Your description of east campus was perfectly written and so on point - loved it!


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