AUTUMN 2011: From runway to cubicle, an intro to fall fashion.

With summer's closure, we here in the Midwest get to play limbo each day with the ever-changing weather patterns. One day, you're biking around the city in a tank top, the next you're reaching for your scarf to throw over your chambray button down. Welcome to the Midwesterner's fall.

But let's...mix it up this year. Let's talk fall fashions. I picked some looks that I found inspiring and accessible yet a little forward at times. Outfits and styling suggestions that you can conjure up in the morning and think to yourself, "Hey, I actually styled my look this morning and I feel pretty good about it."
That's how it goes. Look good, feel good, and then you'll do good.
It's just like that, people. So, here is your cheat sheet.

Let's bring some of the runway to your office this morning, shall we?
Go ahead, log off the latest Lifehacker/Gizmodo/Reddit article and give this a glimpse.

Steven Alan Fall 2011 (style.com)
COLOR STORY: Olives, browns and greys. Simple? Yes. You (should) have these colors in your closet.
STYLING TIPS: Go ahead and duplicate this. It's all safe, except tuck your socks back in. The white denim in the fall sounds like a good idea, too. Give that a go as well. Why not?
THEIR WARDROBE: Boots. Olive trousers. Parkas. Grey utility shirts. Bloody red pocket squares. Chambray button downs. Thick-and-chunky cardigans.
YOUR WARDROBE: Buy some boots; pass on the white denim if you must.

Shipley & Halmos Fall 2011 (style.com)
COLOR STORY: Light browns and camels, burgundies and wines.
STYLING TIPS: Please gentlemen, invest in a nice pair of nice, dark (selvedge) denim. Wear 'em, beat 'em up, they'll look better. Mix yours navies, browns and burgundies.
THEIR WARDROBE: A navy peacoat, a well-loved leather jacket, a pair of cords, dark wash selvedge denim, colored denim, fair-isle sweater, toggle closure camel duffle coat, varsity jacket, plaid button downs.
YOUR WARDROBE: Get a nice jacket for fall, but ditch the varsity and colored denim if you must.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 (gq.com)
COLOR STORY: Camels, burnt orange mixed with navy and chocolates. Midnight blues and charcoals.
STYLING TIPS: Pairing browns with blacks with a touch of color. A nice tweed blazer over denim or trousers will look sharp, preppy and autumnal. A striped sweater can't go wrong either.
THEIR WARDROBE: Black and brown wingtips, heavy-duty, fur-lined parkas, tweed trousers, leather totes, colored denim, printed ties, obnoxious sneakers.
YOUR WARDROBE: A charcoal, midnight or navy suit and big-striped sweater.

In summary, find a pair of boots, a suit, a sweater and fall jacket.

BONUS: Now only if we didn't have student loans to pay back or rent to pay. 

Pringle of Scotland Fall 2011

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011

Obnoxious colored outerwear? Yes. What's your favorite?


  1. Princle of Scotland is flawless, and I feel like some similair version can be found thrifting....or in my dreams.

  2. The piece I found most interesting (and easy to copy) isn't mentioned in your narrative. Your thoughts on light denim (see Shipley and Halmos)?

  3. Oh how I wish it ever got cold enough down in Texas to wear most of this. It simply just isn't fair, you know? Love this! Great looks.


  4. oh if the lord would ONLY bless me with a man wearing those things...WHY did i leave Chicago?!



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