Friday Wrap-Up: Baby Pictures

Welcome to Friday. We'll be spending the weekend at this place, because we heard there's a big party there. You should probably come, too.

You may recall that I posted a personal style history a couple of weeks ago that referenced a lost red baseball cap. I found it. Well, pictures of it. Look at those steezed-out suspenders.

Now that's over, here's some salmagundi we found around the 'Net:
  • Ryan Plett launches a new blog, Travel Well. (via GQ Style)
  • Would you wear this underwear? It says something about "keyhole technology," which scares me. Also, I'm not sure I can trust someone who says it's "comfotable." (via MyPakage)
  • How to pose for pictures. (via Park & Bond)
  • A look at the Quoddy workshop (via A Continuous Lean)
  • Secret Forts gets a new website. (via Secret Forts)
  • "This is the one thing we do that we feel can really change the world we live in. You can't buy everything made in America, but if you try, you can come close. If history has taught us anything, it's that this great country of ours will be in even more trouble than it already is if we don't support the work of our fellow Americans." A short but thoughtful interview with Imogene+Willie about the beauty of American-made denim. (via Refueled Magazine)
Okay, that's all. Now get outta here!

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