Friday Wrap-Up: Prisencolinensinainciusol

Cameron lost his Timex and Corter for Japan bracelet in North Carolina earlier this summer. What should he replace them with? Suggestions welcome.

Quickly, to what you may have missed this week:
  • If you read nothing else, read this: GQ's article on Jesse Thorn of Put This On. It's one of the most interesting style reads I've seen lately, and there's just too much good philosophy on the importance of dressing well to list here. Here's some: "What Thorn offers is a measure of practicality and instruction, and allows the average man, without stylist or sponsor, to develop a responsibility for his appearance. He doesn't consider himself an authority—more like an advocate." Just read it. (via GQ)
  • Earlier, we posted about hand-written notes and why you should be sending more of them. Last night, I had a dream that my favorite pen (the Pilot G2 .38, of course) went off the market. So, a nightmare, actually. Is this the best pen in the world? Yes. But feel free to discuss. (via my overactive dream mind)
  • Finally, something useful: Shani Silver, the editor of Refinery 29 Chicago, has some sure-fire ways to win that eBay bidding war you've been engaging in over that Gant Rugger shirt you found for cheap. (via Refinery 29)

Okay, that's all. We'll be hanging out here this weekend. We've heard it's off the hook.


  1. I picked up the 40 dollar easy reader timex with the white face, works great with the J Crew Bands... and it's super affordable.

    Re: The Pilot G2, I agree, hands down the best pen. I keep mine in a Dr Grip barrel which feels great in the hand. Also, I think the size depends on your writing method. .38 is a little too thin for me. I was a .5 guy forever but have recently switched to the .7 - to each their own! Thanks for a great blog guys!!

  2. Chuck Klosterman, you've lost weight!

  3. Prisencolinensinainciusol. ALL RIGHT.


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