Dismayed by the fact that we haven't published anything particularly thrifty recently, Jeff did us a solid and shouldered the responsibility of finding something sweet. On short notice, he smartly chose to focus his efforts at Seek Vintage.

Though a bit pricier (and obviously a better caliber) than Goodwill, the D.A.V., Salvation Army, Village Discount Outlet, etc., Seek almost always yields something affordable and worthwhile. This visit was no exception. He came away with a wool-blend crew neck sweater that's the perfect palette to catapult us into fall.

He came over, we shot some photos in the harsh light of a nearby parking garage. And that's that, mattress man.

On Jeff: Wool-blend retro crewneck sweater ($20, Seek Vintage); indigo button-up courtesy of Topman; rust-colored trousers (sale $20, reg. $70) by Zara; desert boots (sale $50 at Nordstrom Rack) by Clark's.

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  1. ok. i too went out and thrifted some crewneck sweaters last week, mostly because the new j.crew catalogue told me to. remarkably hard to wear! they need something around the neck to break it up but...knit scarf? (too sweater-on-sweater). necklace? (too sunday school teacher).

    honestly, the collar peek is the only thing i've found but it's hard to look feminine. i'm hoping that as the trend settles in more looks will "look right" - my eye just needs to catch up?


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