THE GOOD GUYS: Blake in Bucktown

Meet Blake.

Blake loves writing. He loves food. Hence, he writes about food. A talented wordsmith and certified chef, he brilliantly combines the two in his professional life (magazine freelancer) and personal life with a blog called The Paupered Chef.

Blake and I get together for drinks almost weekly at a tucked-away neighborhood bar in Bucktown for the sole purpose of shooting the shit over cheap booze and reveling in the simple pleasures of Chicago. During these breaks from real-life responsibility, we mull over everything from style to food; business plans to literature; success to failure; and, of course, our unfinished ambitions.

But more than anything, Blake is full of thought. He considers everything carefully. And when he speaks, it's not out of impulse. His words carry weight. And that's one of many reasons I'm glad to call him a friend.

A few words about what Blake's got on:

The belt, a distinctive eye-catcher, was a gift from good friend Max Wastler (of All Plaidout). It was in fact Max who introduced us over a quick drink at The Gage.

The bag, a Levenger, a gift from his dad eight years ago. Perfect for carrying plenty of reading material—and Blake's an avid reader. The first few times we ran into each other, he sent me home with a couple of thick books by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Paul Auster. In turn, I loaned him Boss by Mike Royko. (When am I going to get that back, by the way?)

The shoes, hand-sewn in Maine.

"A week before I went on my honeymoon, I knew I wanted these shoes. The folks over at Quoddy were nice enough to rush the shipping ensure my travels would be comfortable and classic," Blake says.

So here's the deal: Over the next few weeks, we'll be teaming up with Blake to produce a tiny cookbook of sorts. There will be four (count 'em) recipes—one for each meal of the day—that will be constrained by situation (e.g. lunch while working from home), budget (e.g. $5, or maybe what you've got in the fridge) and time (e.g. you've got 10 minutes to throw an elegant breakfast together before heading to work.)

This is what you can expect: Beautiful photography, delicious food, and a few practical meals every guy should have in his repertoire. And it'll all be styled.

Check back next Wednesday for the first installment.

On Blake: Slim olive chino by Wings & Horns; blue button-down by Gitman Brothers; summer gingham tie by J.Crew factory; hoof pick leather belt by Hickorees; "New Wayfayer" in tortoise by Rayban; leather satchel by Levenger, given to him by his father.


  1. I'm loving this so very much. And hand sewn shoes? Really? Yes, please.

    Is it too much to say my future man must be a subscriber of The Midwestyle? No? Awesome.


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