Friday Wrap-Up: Day's Almost Over

You're short on time. It's noon. I mean, in half an hour, you'll be going for a long lunch. Then after a leisurely trip to the bathroom, it'll be 2 p.m. And we all know that that's practically the end of productivity during the week—not to mention Friday.
So, yeah...the day's pretty much over already.

Here's how you should spend the rest of it:

From our archives:

From around the Internets:
  • We found out about Handlebar Magazine this week, and after being beyond amused by their about-us section, we were pleased to see some informed and honest writing on denim. Are you really "saving money" by buying raw or selvedge? Maybe not. But here's why some guys drop the cash anyway. (via Handlebar Magazine)
  • Gilt says a quick rule of thrift is to measure shoes against your forearm. I was skeptical. (via Gilt MANual)
  • An intriguing analysis on presidential style, featuring the hilarious quotes of Max Wastler. (via the Wall Street Journal)
  • College boys, pay attention: It's time to stop looking like slobs. (via the Art of Manliness)
  • Need hair advice from an actual barber? The women at Refinery 29 thought you might. (via Refinery 29)

And a story related to the Midwest but unrelated to style:
  • A.G. Sulzberger, the NYT's Kansas City Bureau chief, is a capable journalist and an all around good guy, especially over Budweisers in downtown KC. Here's a look at a small Missouri town where gossip has been taken to the next level. (via the New York Times)

Finally, this is where we'll be this weekend. There ain't no party like a Pyongyang party, because a Pyongyang party IS ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY (via Kourtney Geers). Alright. Now, get outta here.

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