eBay: Steven Alan Vintage Hiking Parka

In the vein of Jeff's post on Steven Alan's spring looks, and considering I love outerwear for all seasons, I jumped on eBay to start looking for spring jackets and parkas in preparation for the rainy days on my college campus. I happened upon the Steven Alan Vintage Hiking Parka.

credit: shopedropoff

There's a seller who's got a decent stock of these things and they're going for right around a hundred bucks (they retailed around $400). Granted, they are a season or two old, but a perfect jacket like this is timeless. If you've got the means, I highly suggest trying to pick one up.


  1. That's our eBay company that has those up right now. We also have great Steven Alan pieces for women. Please link us when you reference our products and photos so your readers can find us. Thank you,


  2. Blah, yes of course, Nicole. We apologize for the delay on the like there. The good news is that I just won one of your auctions? Haha, thanks for dropping by the blog.


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