FAVORITE: rifle tie bar

Hands down, er, guns down. This is one of my most prized tie bars/men's accessories.

rifle tie bar found $6 at timeless treasures antique mall

It's noticed every time I wear it. So dope.


  1. ive worked at a vintage store for three years and have yet to come across a tie bar this cool. well done, sir!

  2. I have one of these, it was my grandfather's. BUT, I've yet to actually wear it...

  3. Baby Snakes - thank you! It's quite the find. I've been lucky enough to find a pair of scissors, golf club, rifle and shovel. Try Etsy!

    Beeen - Wear it man! I get feedback all the time. It's just enough quirkiness to add to an outfit.

  4. Wow, awesome rifle tie bars! Reminds me of Band of Brothers (they've been on cable lately) - neat! Need to add some of these to our tie bar line up:



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