Jobbing it in Chi-city

Jeff—dude on the left—came to visit Chicago (but probably more importantly to interview for some jobs this week.)

Clad obnoxiously in a bright-yellow windbreaker, he was waiting outside the El station, and I joked that I was glad I got to him before the ruffians did.

Jeff loves playing dress-up, so I made some photos of his job-hunting attire before he went to meet some folks in the local menswear world. I was especially intrigued (read: envious) with his jeans from Baldwin Denim. They're damn comfortable, not to mention they're near and dear to our hearts for being home-grown in Kansas City, Mo. Really, they deserve their own post—which they'll get soon when we take a look at the finer elements of denim and the story a good pair of selvedge jeans tells about the wearer.

One of these days, I'll also take a look at the price points in men's style—and maybe get to the bottom of why in the hell Esquire, one of the best magazines ever, thinks you should pay a couple thousand bucks for a pea coat.

Jeff- You can thank me, your PR flak and life coach, later. I accept payment in booze, gold ingots, jewels, stories or Baldwin jeans.

Baldwin denim 6months, no wash "the Henley" dry stretch $198, Filson Canvas tote $40 - reg $80 (ebay), Nordstrom 1901 blue suede bucks $44 - reg $99, American Apparel White Oxford Button down $50, J.CREW leather belt $4.99 - reg $25, Timex Camper Watch $18 - reg $25 (amazon), Thrifted Van Heusen tie $1, Thrifted antique rifle tie bar $6, Billtornade Wool Small Blazer $210 - reg $680.


  1. Awesome. Glad to hear this.

    By the way, am I the only person who comments on this great blog?
    Where is the love?
    Everybody get up!

  2. Errrybody hands go UP—and they stay there.

  3. aww jeff! you're looking quite handsome.

    seth, where are you personal accounts of your wardrobe? jump on the bandwagon. cam did it. i'm thinking mirror pics.

  4. If you knew me, you'd know I was shuddering at even the thought of that, Miss Wiegers. Bloggers who take pigeon-toed pictures of themselves to post on their own blog...kinda gross me out. (Like this one.) I can't promise it'll never happen, but for the most part, you can forget it.

  5. Go Jeff go!

    (to appease Glen.... and to cheer on Jeff jeff)

  6. love the different looks on jeff! i shot a few street style photos of him last week as he was walking out of hall's with his new jacket and i'm posting them next week, so stay tuned!


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